Baraa vs Farooq

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  1. Let's go Baraa, first match in WWEF history, champion vs champion, both titles on the line, do you accept or will you run? :finger:
  2. I accept your challenge :boss1: :finger:
    But I'm in the middle of my final exams of the semester now :sad:

    So give me a week..
  3. He isn't ready apparently. He's the Big Show and does it on his terms. :pity1:
  4. Lets do it @Farooq :aries:

  5. Look who is talking :finger:
    I strongly suggest you focus on winning your title match against Farooq at WWEFMania, because the winner of your match at WM will have to face me for the title at ER:smug:
  6. Ready? Well here we go.
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    Now shine that belt up REAL nice, take a picture with it, hang it on the wall, HELL let your family hold it, because once this is done, the only thing that you are going to have is memories. You forget, I have beaten you once before, and I'll do it once more. You don't stand half a chance against me, I am the United States champion, the original on here, the first, and I will be the last. Everything that you've done here, I've done it before, and even more and more. I am the real deal, I am a legend on here, I am a best in the world, hell I'm even leader of my own group, screw being a part of one, I took the power to create my own group, and you're just part of DX. I put my blood, sweat, and tears on this ring day in and day out, the people who paved the road, I push them aside and start paving my own way to the city of success. Nobody is as good as me, not that plagiarism sack of crap known as Gohan, which by the way is a paper champion, not the Divas champion Jenn, not the Intercontinental champion Perfect, not even the World Champion CM Punk. Get real son, you're stepping on my level, my level is not low to the ground like yours, in matter of fact Im like Donkey Kong, Im up high and throwing the barrels of truth, and you're just the mental sick child that's playing Mario, you don't have a chance, you're all washed up, no wait not even that, you're all dried up.
  7. Um I think me in Baraa had the 1st match in history, might be first champion vs champion, but the 1st match belongs to me & Baraa :woo1:

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    1st title lost also attributed to me