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  1. It was definitely a great PPV, the best RR PPV we have witnessed in ages, although I didn't like many things about the Royal Rumble match itself, but the show was amazing overall.

    So my take on every match:

    - Alberto Del Rio VS Big Show for the WH title:
    The match was great, didn't expect it to be that great but it did entertain me, ADR as a face is billions of times better than him as a heel, he is now so over with the fans, I like him a lot with his current character, I would really like them to keep the title on him for as long as possible.

    The match was good, they are booking ADR as a strong champion which is good, him standing after that Chock Slam through the table was awesome.

    My only complaint about the match would be the ending, don't get me wrong I like the ending itself, but my problem is with it being used before (Cena VS Batista).

    I give this match a 8/10

    Team Hell No VS Rhodes Scholars
    A decent match, although I didn't see the outcome coming as I was almost sure Team Hell NO is dropping, but it was a good match overall

    I give it a 6.5/10

    The Royal Rumble Match:
    The Royal Rumble match was good, although (and I know many will disagree with me on this) I enjoyed the previous years rumble more than this year.
    Many things disappointed me about the Rumble, but I'll start with the things I liked about it.
    1- I marked so hard when I heard Jericho's theme, very awesome moment, and the great thing is that he lasted some good time in the rumble before getting eliminated, too bad nothing made me happier after his entrance. :sad:

    2- It was great to see the return of some legends like the Godfather and Goldust, although I though the godfather should have lasted longer than he did.

    3- Dolph Ziggler lasting until the final 5 was also great, although I hoped I'll see him make it up to the final 2.

    Now what I didn't like about the rumble match:

    1- Cena Winning, we all saw it coming anyway.
    2- Ziggler getting eliminated by Sheamus was stupid as Hell.
    3- Ryback entered as no 30 and was eliminated like 10 minutes later, he did't make the impact we all expected him to make, they should have probably made him enter earlier.
    4- The Godfather getting eliminated after like 2 seconds is stupid and disrespectful imo.
    5- Bo Dallas
    6- The current face of the company VS The Future face of the company, you can ask a 6 years old boy about who should win, and ask the creative team the same question, their answers will be different but we all know which is the right one, Good job WWE, You never fails to disappoint me :facepalm:

    I give the Rumble a 6/10

    Rock VS Punk:
    Awesome match, was better than Rock/Cena imo, I was such joy to see these 2 wrestle.
    The outcome was great, and everything about the match was perfect imo.
    The only thing I didn't like about the match was the lack of finishers.
    It would have been a lot more interesting if Punk delivered a GTS and Rock kicked out of the it, and Punk kicked out of the People's elbow only to lose to a Rock Bottom.
    Such big matches need these things imo.

    I give it a 9/10

    So overall I give the show a 7.5/10, as I said was better than the previous years RR PPVs, but the Rumble itself wasn't.
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