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  1. If Wade Barrett were to get a title shot, what title should he go after? I think he should go after the IC, Tag-Titles, or U.S. title. Wade needs a championship on his waist cause he needs that extra push.
  2. World Heavyweight Champion.
  6. __________

  7. He doesn't need a title that big. He just came back and returners don't go after a title like that UNLESS someone made him leave for awhile or someone just pissed him off.
  8. Any title below world heavyweight championship is an insult to Barrett. He is above the IC title in all factors, looks, charisma, ring skills and character.
  9. WWE Championship.

    He's too good to be wasted on SmackDown.
  10. No it's not, he's a talented wrestler like you said, but he isn't big enough yet. He left. He came back and shocked, not electrify, the crowd. I'd like to see him WHC, but I'm not sure it's going to happen. Give it some time. He might get the shot at the WHC.
  11. Why have these vignette's and throw him back with a mid-card champion?
  13. Wade Barrett is a very talented wrestler and a great mic worker. He gets great heat from the crowd, he deserves the world championship, he even has the looks of a heel. He already proved to be a good Intercontinental champion, now he should be going after bigger and better things.
  14. He'll get nowhere on RAW.
    It's taken up by Cena and at this point.
    The best choice is Smackdown.
  15. I think his next title will be the WHC.
  16. He needs to be WHC, he deserves it, he's main event material:win:
  17. He gets the title for most boring and useless repackaging of all time. Seriously. His character has been decimated to the point that I don't even want to see him get a legit push until his character is fixed.
  18. [quote='nWo Shawn Michaels' pid='279011' He already proved to be a good Intercontinental champion, now he should be going after bigger and better things.

    Did he have another IC Title run that I missed? Because the one from when he was with the Corre was AWFULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
  19. Fail Quote.

    That was the only one and the only reign that was awful.
    To make it worse he lost it to Ezekiel Jackson.
  20. Divas championship :troll:
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