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    1. PWE is a promo based federation, not one based off of backstage interactions. In order to win a match the people will vote on your promos based off of their quality, character integration, and efficiency.
    2. Voting will be done via Google documents-- the results will be held from the public eye until the event is over. The results will be posted in a form of a written event created by the members of PWE Creative.
    3. If you are booked for a match you must post a promo, failure to show up for your match will result in a disqualification. If no showing becomes a habit of your's then you will be banned from the federation. In order to keep no showing at a minimum we will work with you to make sure you have the best date possible for your match.
    4. Feuds are created by the members of the federation, if you decide to start a feud then please PM a member of creative to inform them beforehand. We want to ensure that everything is booked logically. If you feel like you don't have any sort of direction with your character then you can PM one of us and we will assist you. However, we will not do everything for you so try to put effort into it.
    5. Please DO NOT mention real life wrestlers or promotions in your promos, no body cares if you were trained by Austin Aries. However, you can make references.
    6. The same goes for other E-Feds on & off the site, PWE is its own entity and we do not want anybody trying to piggyback off another federation.
    7. Do not try to bury people, no sell things, and most importantly kill people.
    8. If you want to include action in your promo(I.E Clotheslining someone to start a brawl) ask the people involved before you post.

    There are two PWE shows a month followed by a PPV. There will be a thread posted for every show that contains the card. Matches will get their own threads as well as the final written event. There are 12 PWE PPVs and our main one takes place in December. To encourage activity and quality I'll be doing posters for the PPVS, there will be a vote before the PPV on who will be put on the poster.

    1. Matches with no stipulations(I.E regular Singles Match, Tag Match, etc.): Matches with no stipulations have a two promo limit and a 24 hour time period. In your promo the only video you can have is your titantron and you are allowed to use one picture if you want. Voting lasts for 24 hours after the final promo has been posted.
    2. Matches with stipulations(I.E Extreme Rules Match, Last Man Standing Match, etc.): Matches with stipulations have an unlimited promo limit and the time period will differ. In your promo you're allowed to use videos you made and you can use as many pictures as you need. The voting period will also differ once both participants are done posting their promos.

    Sign Ups:
    Use the following applications to sign up and post it below. Since PWE is its own entity you'll need to make an original character. We will tell you if you have been accepted or not. We encourage fun, but try to take your characters somewhat seriously.

    Singles application (open)

    Your character name:
    Nick Name(optional):
    Alignment(Heel, Face, etc):
    Styles of wrestling(2 max):
    Hometown/Where you reside:
    Character avatar:
    Finishers(3 max):
    Signatures(3 max):
    Other moves(15 max):

    Tag team/Stable application (open)

    Team/Stable name:
    Finishers(3 max):
    Signatures(2 max):
    Backstory(How/Why you formed):

    PWE Creative:
    Owners/GM(s): Myself & Stopspot
    Bookers/Match Writers: Big Boss, Bill Clinton, CM Punk, DK James, F.R.I.E, Jwab, Nickelodeon, THG?

    PM any of us if you have questions.

    With that we hope you're active and enjoy the federation! Feel free to check our other basic threads before you get started.​
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  2. Best of luck to PWE
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  3. Your character name: Frie Carter

    Nick Name(optional): The Gem of Wealth

    Alignment(Heel, Face, etc): Tweener

    Gimmick: Similar to Ric Flair and Rick Rude. Raised in a wealthy family in a wealthy neighborhood. A robe-wearing, chick-loving, party-having champion. Likes to show off his physique during matches and segments. Uses dirty tactics to win.

    Styles of wrestling(2 max): Technical and Underhanded (Dirty).

    Age: 28

    Hometown/Where you reside: Palo Alto, California

    Character avatar:


    Height/Weight: 6 ft 3 inches, 225 LBS

    Finishers(3 max): DDT, Figure Four Leg Lock

    Signatures(3 max): Neckbreaker, German Suplex, Chop Block

    Other moves(15 max):

    Running clothesline after Irish Whip
    Grounded stomp to the head
    Knife-Edge Chops to the chest (in the corner and out)
    Irish Whip into a drop kick
    Diving Knee Drop
    Delayed Vertical Suplex
    Poke to the Eye
    Low blow
    Back Body Drop

    Backstory: Born in a wealthy household to loving parents, Frie Carter has always strived to show that money does equal power. He has shown his dominance in multiple promotions, and is now here to show what Evolution really means in PWE. He loves women and winning, and achieves both every night.
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  4. Your character name: Jon lewis
    Nick Name(optional):
    Alignment(Heel, Face, etc): Heel
    Gimmick: Gangster black dude
    Styles of wrestling(2 max): Striker, powerhouse
    Age: 24
    Hometown/Where you reside: North Memphis
    Character avatar: Juicy J
    Height/Weight: 6'1" 220 lbs.
    Finishers(3 max): Drive-By (Just a deadly punch to the skull with hidden brass knuckles), Homicide (Irish-whip into a spinebuster)
    Signatures(3 max): Clothesline to the back of the head, Spear
    Other moves(15 max): Running shoulder tackle, Hanging suplex, diving elbow drop, fist drop, Enziguri, mounted punches, multiple kicks against the turnbuckle, low blow, eye poke, headbutt
    Backstory: Grew up in the hood, turned rich off of his own business, picked up by a wrestling promoter when seeing him fight at a bar.
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  5. Optional Jon Lewis. Got it.
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  6. Your character name: Al Nova
    Nick Name(optional): The Purple Dragon
    Alignment(Heel, Face, etc): Face
    Gimmick: A Loud Fan Favorite with a dynamic series of moves. Wild in the ring, and often shouts his moves before performing them. Giving each a unique name, which sometimes gets him caught out in the ring as his opponents begin to recognize his moves when he shouts his names. Fans often chant his moves with him. Seen as a spot monkey by the IWC
    Styles of wrestling(2 max): High Flying, Quick Technical
    Age: 21
    Hometown/Where you reside: Boston
    Character avatar: Nova
    Height/Weight: 5"11, 170Lbs
    Finishers(3 max): Elbow Drop of Death
    Shout Moves:
    Fisherman Suplex Bridge Shouts: Golden-Plex
    Double Foot Stomp Shouts: Pouncing Dragon
    Running Rolling Senton in corner Shouts: Raging Buffalo Crash
    Cruicifix Driver Shouts: Final Crash
    Airplane Spin Gutbuster Shouts: Hurricane Crusher
    Running Knee Lift in corner Shouts: Tiger Knee
    Other moves(15 max):
    Hairpull Toss
    Arm Drag
    Hip Toss
    Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker
    Sunset Flip
    Fisherman Suplex Bridge
    School Boy Roll Up
    Crucifix DDT
    Backstory: None to disclose
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  7. Accepted.
  8. Your character name: Francis Eisenhower Reagan Boehner Bush
    Nick Name(optional): Mr.Future President
    Alignment(Heel, Face, etc): Heel
    Gimmick: Right Wing Republican racist
    Styles of wrestling(2 max): Brawling
    Age: 29
    Hometown: Austin,Texas Residence: 16001 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C.
    Character avatar: Rick Santorum
    Height/Weight: 6'4, 230
    Finishers(3 max): Benghazi Scandal (Piledriver), The Chris Christie (Top Rope Splash), Obummer (Backstabber)
    Signatures(3 max): #2016 (Superkick), Guns, Guns, and more Guns (Clothesline x3)
    Other moves(15 max): Back body drop, Larait, Shoot kick, German Suplex, Belly To Belly, Discus Elbow, Sliced Bread #2,Spinebuster, Spear, Brainbuster
    Backstory: Francis Eisenhower Reagan Boehner Bush grew up in Austin,Texas. His father, Ike Eisenhower Reagan Boehner Bush was a member of the GOP and ran for Mayor of Austin and won it. Francis' dad was also a mega racist Christian who made Francis Eisenhower Reagan Boehner Bush into a carbon copy of him self. Ike thought that wrestling would be another great way to get his political views heard. So he went on to become GOP World Champion, defeating Dick Chaney. Ike forced Francis into wrestling and politics. After defeating Paul Ryan for the GOP World Champion, Francis decided to leave GOP Wrestling Federation, and somehow ended up in PWE.
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  9. Your character name: Ryan Davis
    Alignment(Heel, Face, etc): Heel
    Gimmick: Cocky, Crazy asshole
    Styles of wrestling(2 max): Technical, High Flying
    Age: 19
    Hometown/Where you reside: Los Angeles, California
    Character avatar: Dean Ambrose
    Height/Weight: 6'2, 220 punds
    Finishers(3 max): Script Change (Top Rope Package Piledriver), L.A's Welcome (Package Piledriver)
    Signatures(3 max): Neckbreaker on Steel Steps, Superplex, Canadian Destroyer(Big Matches)
    Other moves(15 max): Double Underhook DDT, Clothesline, Superkick, German Suplex, Headlock, Elbow Drop, DDT
    Backstory: A man who was raised in Los Angeles. During his childhood, he dealed with a lot of murders and gang fights, being bullied, and his father leaving him at age 6. Ryan loves to wrestling and is usually all for tag teaming with someone but he also loves it when they turn their back on him.
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  10. Accepted.
  11. Your character name: Eddie Ramone
    Alignment(Heel, Face, etc): Face
    Styles of wrestling(2 max): Technical, high flying
    Age: 25
    Hometown/Where you reside: New Orleans,Louisiana
    Character avatar: Alex Shelley
    Height/Weight: 6'1, 220 lbs
    Finishers(3 max): Blitzkrieg Blast (Shooting Star Press),
    Signatures(3 max): Shining Wizard, Sliced Bread #2
    Other moves(15 max):
    Springboard moonsault
    Springboard tornado DDT

    Frog Splash
    Backpack Stunner
    Diving Huricanrana

    Backstory: Eddie Ramone grew up a single child in New Orleans. He became a huge fan of wrestling very early on in life. He began training in High School (Austin Aries trained him btw). He then went onto to wrestling in the indys before being sidelined with a neck injury. When he returned to wrestling, he signed a contract with PWE, mainly because he heard it had some great health insurance.
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  12. Name: Joseph
    Alignment: Face
    Gimmick: Dark Soul
    Style: Technical
    Age: 26
    Hometown: Manhattan, New York.
    Avatar: Seth Rollins
    Height/Weight: 6'4 240 pounds
    Finishers: Code Blue, Showstopper, Cross Rhodes
    Signature: Sharpshooter, Crossbody, Enziguri
    Other Moves: Crossface,
    Superman Punch,
    Top rope knee,
    Shooting Star Press.

    Back Story: The son of a Christian priest, originally Joesph Rockwood, went on to follow in his father's foot steps but was abandoned in the name of religion at a young age. Left to live on his own he grew a hatred for his family dropping his actual last name, Rockwood, and leaving nothing but Joseph as a mocking gesture to his parents and family.
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  13. Accepted. Cool to see you bringing in Eddie by the way, Bill.
  14. How do you know of Eddie?
  15. I was in George's fed too, he closed it before I could debut though.
  16. Ah, that's right.
  17. Your character name: Sackfist
    Nick Name(optional): The Hunter
    Alignment(Heel, Face, etc): Heel
    Gimmick: Hunter - An obsessed superstar who hates to lose to an opponent, deeming them as his targets. A Gold Hunter as well, aiming to win the title whenever and face whoever to get a title shot
    Styles of wrestling(2 max): Mat Based Techniction, Brawler
    Age: 24
    Hometown/Where you reside: UK
    Character avatar:
    Height/Weight: 6"0/ 240Lbs
    Finishers(3 max): Front Russian Leg Sweep
    Signatures(3 max): Full Nelson Atomic Drop
    Other moves(15 max):
    Back Body Drop
    Double Knee Facebuster
    Mountain Bomb
    Side Slam
    Snap Powerslam
    Big Boot
  18. Your character name: Erik Vance

    Nick Name(optional): Misbehaving

    Alignment(Heel, Face, etc): Heel

    Gimmick: Rebel

    Styles of wrestling(2 max): Technical, Brawling

    Age: 23

    Hometown/Where you reside: Albany, New York

    Character avatar: Corey Graves

    Height/Weight: 215lbs.

    Finishers(3 max): Bloodshot (Standing Shining Wizard), Misbehavior (Cradle DDT)

    Signatures(3 max): R.U.S.H. (Repeated European Uppercuts), Capital Region Cloverleaf (Texas Cloverleaf)

    Other moves(15 max): Leaping clothesline, rolling elbow, Inverted figure-four leglock, repeated punches and knees in the corner, running facebuster

    Backstory: Erik Vance is a cold and calculating man with a serious attitude problem. Hailing from the rough part of Albany, and spending most of his time in the Bronx, you can tell that James Vann is a psycho. He has one goal, and that is to be dominant, although sometimes his mouth gets him into trouble.