Batista Heel Turn

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Laura, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. Predictions for Raw? After RR a heel turn for the animal seems natural and inevitable, but we all know that's rarely how WWE do things. So what do you think? Will he turn heel and take advantage of the heat, or will they continue to expect the audience to cheer?

    Personally, I doubt he'll turn. I'd be happy to be wrong, but I can't see it.
  2. I don't see where they have any choice. Not that it will make much difference. There really wasn't any heat directed at Batista to take advantage of. The boos were more of a "We're all tired of this bullshit" kind of heat, and not really directed at anyone in particular (except possibly HHH).
  3. After reading about the negative reactions, I can see him turning heel sooner than the wwe wanted him to.
  4. He should turn heel, hell he should have returned as a heel. He's much more entertaining as a heel really. Yesterday could push WWE into making him a heel finally, and I am for it.
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  5. I think the best way to start of Raw tonight would be to have John Cena open it up by agreeing with the fans about how DB got screwed. While doing that, Batista can interrupt him and shit on the fans, making it all about him. Of course that pulls us all back to the same situation he and Cena were in when he left, but it could help matters some.
  6. They're not turning Batista a week after his return.
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  7. Probably won't since he is going to be feuding with Orton, but I wouldn't mind it.
  8. He is going into Mania as the #1 contender and a face. WWE isn't going to have some knee-jerk reaction because of one pissed off crowd.
  9. It'd be great to see him as a heel eventually but not during this run. Maybe after he leaves in the summer and then returns later, he can come back as a heel and eventually finish out his career as a heel like he did in 2010. Otherwise, he's just gonna have to learn to deal with the negative reactions. Cena's been dealing with it for nearly ten years, I think Batista can deal with it for a year or two.
  10. If WWE goes through with a full heel turn, it won't be prior to Mania and it will be an organic turn, much like the Austin face turn. They're not going to change his character or have him start doing heel things. He'll be the same character, he'll just get booed for it. His character will be a lot like Cena's (at least for half of the audience).

  11. Give us what we want!

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