Battleground Battleground card?

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  1. What matches have we got confirmed so far? I know about Punk/Ryback, anything else?
  2. ADR/RVD and Orton/Bryan. Hopefully both with stipulations.

  3. Ah yeah, I forgot about those. I also just rememered that the Uso's will be facing the Shield.
  4. Ambrose/Ziggler again?
    AJ Lee/Natalya?
  5. Been hearing about AJ Lee vs Brie Bella (#Emmalution) and Shield vs the Rhodes family (:yay:).

    Hoping Ziggler's gonna be on this show, but doubt it really matters.

  6. I don't think it'll be Ziggler/Ambrose as they have a title match on friday?
    Also I believe it's been confirmed somewhere that it's Brie vs AJ at BG.
  7. ~ RVD vs ADR for the title (again:cornette:)
    ~ Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton (again)
    ~ AJ Lee vs a member from total divas,hopefully Natty
    ~ CM Punk vs Ryback
    ~ The Shield vs The Rhodes family
    ~ Curtis Axel vs ???

    That's about it so far,hopefully Wyatt does something and hopefully there isn't too many filler matches.
  8. Three? :dawg: AJ and Kelly Kelly, I can probably guess, but who's the third? :hmm:
  9. Awesome gif in your sig :obama:
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  10. Editing that. Kelly Kelly ruined herself but BLFFL buried her. :dawg:

    Do you know just how freakin' hard it is to root for Saraya's daughter ever since BLFFL started pumping her up? Holy shit.
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  11. Simple solution: root for Emma instead :obama:

    Lmao, but nah really, yeah, I can see Paige being ruined also. :downer:
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  12. Damn straight! :win:
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  13. Lol'd at the change. 2 1/2 :lol1:

    To be fair, she doesn't talk about Paige half as much as Kelly Kelly. :dawg:
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  14. Yeah, but every time I see Paige I'm inclined to cheer for her because she's awesome before awkwardly backing out half-way through because of that. :sad: Why must things involving her be so difficult...

    Omg I just noticed your sig. :lol1: Well played, Miss Deathbane! :win:
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  15. We cannot deny the potential that is Paige. :obama: She's the only one so far I can see who'll be bigger than AJ. (Well, Natalya also but my faith with her getting that push is similar to Dolph's faith in Zigs getting a push)

    And hell yeah! :win: If only there was a gif of Natalya and Paige :haha:

  16. Or Bayley...right,right?:jesse:
  17. Bayley is super awesome and I mark for her too but Emma > Bayley when it just comes to wrestling skills. I'd wanna see a feud between them though. :obama: Cuteness and awkwardness all around :lol1:
  18. Can totally see Lady using Bayley's "Hug into belly-to-belly-suplex" as a finisher...

    Nah, no way. Maybe the Black Widow, but applied in a different way to make 100% sure they tap that ass
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  19. I can imagine Bayley trying to hug Emma why she's doing her dance and Emma accidentally pokes her in the eye or something like that,I don't know,but, their segments would rock imo.


    So great.
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  20. :mog: