Storyline BattleGround Here I Come

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  1. Johnny Thunder walks out to the arena jam-packed with people, his does a little dance and grabs a mic

    How you all doing BattleGround? My name is Johnyyy Thunder, you probably don't know much about myself. I grew up in England, in a small town called Puckeridge, all I ever wanted to do was wrestle, winning was my aim and winning is my game. I promise to bring what this company is missing, excitement. I can promise every single one of you that I will not fail to excite, it's in my blood it's what I do.

    The crowd cheer Johnny

    So, you better remember the name, Johnny Thunder, the most exciting man that's ever lived.

    He hands the mic back and gets out of the ring.
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  2. Michael is shown sitting in the General Manager's office with his IWT World Championship on the desk. He strokes his chin, and nods his head as Johnny Thunder talks.
  3. Later on, it shows Johnny Thunder walking backstage grinning, when he is then confronted by Dylan Gray.

    Hey! New kid, haven't heard much about you, there's probably a reason for that, cough. Now, you may be wondering why i'm confronting you here, and it's because it's exactly what Will Savat has been doing to young blood, Taigaman, Corey Marcus, just to name a couple, and quite frankly, i'm sick of it, i'm sick of him. I face Al Blizzard at Retribution but knowing him, the doofus will no show, but don't worry, I have plans, after said show, me and that Corey Marcus dude will face Savat and his buddy Reagan Cole, who beat me, yes, but not fairly.

    You may be confused, to be expected coming from a moron like you, who calls themselves Thunder anyways? Oh wait, people that lack creativity and only use generic names, Johnny Thunder, jobber name, sign of things to come, I would offer you a fight but I wouldn't for 2 reasons, one I don't want to humiliate kids, and two, I don't want to lower my reputation facing a jobber like you, that being said, I suppose you better get at the back of the line because IGBBRD is waiting for you for, wanting to meet someone on par with him.

    Well, I better be off, shouldn't be wasting my time talking to people that aren't worth it, adios.

    Gray walks away as Johnny Thunder looks at him.
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  4. Dylan Gray- " I don't want to lower my reputation facing a jobber like you" [​IMG]
  5. Worked for Miz ;)
  6. Johnny Thunder pulls him back.

    Ha ha, you call my name generic, it was giving to me at my birth by my FAMILY. I'm not really sure if you've heard of them have you? Lowering you reputation, the only thing that will be lowered is the stretcher when they are picking you up from the mat after I'm finished with you. You call me a kid, I might not be some middle-aged dork who proclaims himself as a wrestler, but I can fight, that's why I'm here, fighting is my life and it's what I do. You say I lack creativity, well I can think of many ways to destroy you, mate.

    He loosens his grip on Dylan Gray's arm.
  7. Gray smirks before continuing to speak

    Listen, little man, you say you'll bring something that IWT is missing, excitement? Have you been living under a rock for the last 3 months? You won't bring excitement, all you'll do is add roster depth and be on the lower card, and judging by your opening promo, you obviously don't have a single clue about how to string words together let alone a promo, and before you grab me, I better warn you, if you do that again, you'll be in retirement quicker than you can say "I'm Johnny and i'm a ****" you say that I say you lack creativity, but you can think of many ways to destroy me? Boy I can only barely make out what you're saying.

    Now run along back to whatever heap shit you came from and come back when you don't have the body of a scrawny 12 year old and the mentality of a 6 year old. Now be gone before I slit your head open.
  8. I add depth in the roster, just for the lower card huh? You just wait and see mate, when I'm raising that championship you'll be sorry. I tell you what, fight me, come on, fight me, I want a piece of you at the next show, so what do you say big guy?
  9. Nah, I have better plans, and you think you'll be lifting any championships? Mate your promos are like 3 lines long, you're on par with IGBBRD.
  10. Gray stares at Thunder

    A fight? We'll go right now.

    Gray clocks Thunder in the face before picking him up by the hair, he then throws him into a production crate before laughing and walking away
  11. Johnny's eye begins to swell as he lays flat out on the floor