Battleground Battleground poster leaked? Potential MITB Winner Revealed?

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    [​IMG]Rumors right now that this is the WWE Battleground poster and look who is on it and look who he is with, Dean Ambrose with the Money In The Bank briefcase. remember this is not 100% real and you should take this with a grain of salt but it looks quite real.

    Edit : Checked the date of the PPV and the poster, they dont match.. its fake
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  2. ooooooooh Deano the first babyface to run MITB properly? And not do a Cena?
  3. I should be happy but Owens still deserves it more
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  4. Remember the time when all these guys won it because they were on the poster? Yeah, me either.
  5. True, True.. but its fake, its not the correct date for WWE Battleground
  6. RVD, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Kane.

    The bottom of the image says, "This image was produce by the 434 for our entertainment so we hope you enjoy"

    So it's fake.
  7. My eyes are on point xD
  8. Another thing that was clear indication that this was bullshit is that he's wearing Nike while WWE is promoting their own sports brand in Tapout. Also, when was the last time WWE ever put a tagline that prominent on their poster?
  9. i realized its fake by comparing the dates, Battleground is on the 24th, this says its the 12th
  10. and in July :lol1:
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  11. i mean.. if it was Tapout, didnt have that shit at the bottom and had the correct info, then i would have possibly believed it.. maybe
  12. Posters mean nothing. lol
  13. Lesnar and Cena were on a leaked SS poster that was leaked in early 2014, and they ended up MEing Summer Slam, that same year
  14. Oh. Still don't see Ambrose winning though.
  15. that is because the posters are meant to hype it up. Dean ambrose getting changed out of his shitty shorts ina parking lot with his mitb next to him is not hyping anything but tumblr. Blatant generic fan poster.
  16. Well the MITB poster this year dosent pump me up.. its roman reigns with a briefcase and his title.. looks like a fan made poster as well.
  17. Since they're building to a Shield triple-threat, yes. I don't have a problem with it at all.

    On the other hand, KO or Cesaro winning would be dope.
  18. I know it's just a "rumor" but the fuck, since when are spoilers allowed in the post title. Not fun having my favorite match of the year potentially ruined by shit like this.
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  19. i
    it has since been debunked, its fake.
  20. faker than Nikki's tits.