Storyline BBC Newsnight: Paxman interviews Dover

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  1. Paxman: Today on BBC Newsnight, we delve into Pornography, once was one of the most taboo subjects in society, is now almost as mainstream as regular entertainment television. Today we interview Ben Dover. So, what made you go into pornography.

    Dover: Hello Paxman, I didn't get into porn because of bad grades; I had very good GCSE and A-Level results. All these academic careers seemed boring to me, but porn, porn is different, I think everyone needs to admit that; SEX IS FUN!

    Paxman: Well.... You sure are outspoken! Aren't you worried your occupation may hurt your public image?

    Dover: Oh my sweet naive Jeremy, I am not a sheep like you and the rest of society, I do things in my life because I want to, not because I want to fit in with everyone else..

    Paxman: You're as outspoken as I expected you would be... Any last words?


    *Transmission cuts due to broadcast going off topic; instead a picture of David Cameron stealing money from a disabled OAP*
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  2. *meanwhile back at his crib in the uk gav is flicking through his tv and comes accross this on his tv*

    (gav the chav) hahahaha what a bellend oh god! Pornstar? I thought you needed a huge penis to succeed in the porn industry i'll finally deal with this joker after uprising