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  1. *Fireworks explode across the stage*
    *Lucas Hacksaw walks out to a big pop*
    What happened? Where did Lucas Hacksaw go? When will he be back in action? Has he walked out on the fans? They were the biggest questions circulating social media. Interview after interview, everybody was interested. That, my friends, is how you create a buzz. January 2014 I made my return. January 2014 I left professional wrestling. Coincidentally, another big star in professional wrestling also quit. The only difference is, I didn't breach a contract. I left the company because I wasn't getting paid enough money. Coincidentally, another big star in professional wrestling also left a company because they weren't getting paid enough money.

    Do you see the pattern? Everything I do and everything I say gets replicated. I have had a long hard think about this and I have reached a conclusion. My life is just too good that everybody tries copying it. The only difference is, I am a star while everyone else is just a fake. Do you see that girl, on the front row, with them huge tits? She is a fake. Do you see that girl, in the third row, wearing so much make up, she makes Miss Piggy look human? She is a fake. Do you see that man in the cheap seats, wearing a designer jacket? He is a fake. Do you see that boy, standing on his chair because he is too small to see the ring? He is a fake.

    *Crowd boos and starts chanting 'you are fake' really loud'

    No i'm not, you are. Now before I was rudely interrupted, I shall continue. I have been spending a lot of time at home, watching IWT, and I have found that this company is missing something. That this company, more specifically, is missing someone. That this company is missing me. I have spent too damn long outside of this ring and somehow this company has been taken over by a load of stuck up youknowhats, who don't deserve the air they breathe. I am here to save you all. I am here to change everything that this company has become.

    I have set myself morals in life. I may be seen as a bad guy, however I can guarantee that everything I do, happens for a reason. I will do anything to make sure that my name and picture is printed in every program, on every poster and that Lucas Hacksaw is a main eventer in IWT. If that means that I have to piss off every socalled fan, then I will. If that means I have to beat up your superhero, then I will. If that means I even have to cross the boss, then I will. There is no doubt about anything I have said and I am a man of my words.

    If you don't know me, you will soon enough. If you think you are on my level, which I highly doubt, then come at me because I am afraid of nobody. If you want me to prove it, I will. You are currently being brain washed in to being told who the 'best' wrestler in this company is. However, once you find out that it is me - you will know that you haven't been brain washed because you will have witnessed it. If I have to start from the bottom, I will. It is about time I am back to show the world who Lucas Hacksaw is.

    I can bet that a wannabe Lucas Hacksaw will be making his return shortly, copying everything I do and say because they are jelous of my fame. Just remember, I am the original, they are the fake. Just like everyone else.

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