Because people in finance know whats good for WWE

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  1. I've long argued that an off-season would be hugely beneficial to WWE talent, both in-ring and behind-the-scenes. And that's not to mention the time that fans could look forward to the "return of the WWE" every year. If you ask anyone who's ever participated in sports (and has a functioning brain), an opportunity to take a break from the physical and mental beating of any sport for some downtime is absolutely essential to long-term health and success. Look at the crowd reaction to guys who've been gone for a few months to a year. Imagine the whole product getting that reaction after three or four months off.

    And finance guys don't understand professional wrestling. They understand how to make money. The ideas in the article were decent from a money-generation perspective.

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  2. See I disagree on the time off part. Could you imagine if the WWE just stopped putting on shows now with DB at his height of popularity? It would KILL IT. Same could be said for any part of WWE really. They would have to adjust the way they go about scheduling the entire year. I'm not saying people won't be stoked to see them all come back, like you said, I just don't see it as being beneficial in the story department, know what I mean? And to that point I don't think time off would help the company make more money either.
  3. Should have an off-season in December. The whole month is usually filler crap with Christman/New Years editions of RAW. It would bring back importance to Survivor Series, which would be seen as the finale of the whole year. And it would get fans so pumped for the upcoming RTWM. Plus, wrestlers get to recover during a month they probably want to be with their family anyway.
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  4. I guess thats hard to argue with. Being with families during the holidays. Damn!
  5. How would you feel about shutting down WWE from Survivor Series to the Rumble.

    I'm almost positive that's when their lowest ratings are already, anyway.

  6. If the WWE planned a shutdown after Wrestlemania (not when I would do it, but we'll say that just for shits and giggles), then they could gear their storylines to conclude at Mania. This wouldn't preclude cliffhanger-type storylines, mind you, it would just mean that everybody would know coming out of Mania that their storyline/feud/what-have-you would most likely be ending. Then they could do a tremendous anticipatory run-up to Summerslam, where the new season would begin.

    Actually, I would do the break between Summerslam and Survivor Series, although I could easily see @Brad.'s December suggestion working also, although, as I posted, I would probably give them from Survivor Series through the Rumble in one solid block of off-time.

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  7. With the Network surely an off season is more viable? As you could still build things in a way on random new programming etc.... Plus if they brought a brand split back you could build to a huge draft every year with rookies and NXT stars looking to hit the main roster.
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  8. That is actually a good idea
  9. I really like the December idea, it could lead to a huge build up for RR and RTWM. But I highly doubt they'd implement anything like that though, even if its just to maintain the "longest running weekly episodic program", that and contracts with USA and such. I wish they did though, maybe a lot less burnouts and injuries.
  10. Not for nothing, but they could keep that going by showing reruns of the previous "season" of Raw and/or Smackdown.

    This is pretty good, but my thought on a brand split would be to stagger the brands. Have one take an "off-season" between Summerslam and Survivor Series and the other brand take it between Survivor Series and Wrestlemania. That way, both brands operate during the highest-rated portion of the year while they take off during the two lowest-rated "portions" of the year. If you wanted to do a draft, you could do it right after the Rumble.

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  11. They could pre-record a lot of crap before they go off season anyway so technically it wouldn't be an off season as there would be weekly programming still but the wrestlers would still get a break. I am not sure how financially it would work, if anything, it would be cheaper.
  12. Well yeah, that's basically what I'm saying. End with the RAW after SS and begin the 1st RAW of January to build towards RR.
  13. Off seasons are a no go. If they need to restructure the schedule look to Japan (I know right? Stopspot throwing out a Japan reference, shocking). They run on tours. Companies run a month or two non stop topping it off with a big show/PPV. Then they take a 2-3 week break depending on the size of the company. Rince and repeat. A functional formula that works and let talent rest up proper and gaijins to go home to see their families.
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  14. Yahoooooooooooooooooooooooo ooo. Finance.

    The stock market itself is a giant piece of shit capital run by the elite to control more of the monetary flow and the value of the dollar in the US. If WWE stock is failing, then it's AJ Lee's fault, period.
  15. Ya sorry, I just browse yahoo news and saw it and I could've just commented on it, but this has been WAY more fun. That was the intention
  16. Well, actually, the guy in the article says an off-season would be bad financially. Other than that he just says they should enforce drug testing more and offer former wrestlers help more often, in other words, nothing that would affect the product. So I guess this is good advice after all.
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  17. haha it was only meant as a stupid joke dude nothing to apologize for.
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