Becoming a WWE wrestler

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Tombstone Piledriver, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. Does anyone here have the ambition to become a WWE wrestler? I certainly do. In a few years I might go to FCW for a tryout and who knows what will happen. I surely have the build for it.
  2. What's your stage name going to be?
  3. Good luck with it man. I can't say I do here, it's quite rare for anyone from the UK to get to the stage you're hoping to get to. It's harder I think too. Never been interested in actually wrestling myself anyway, just enjoy the product.
  4. You can't just turn up at FCW and get a shot.
    You peform on the indy circuit for 3-5 years, maybe less, maybe more depending on your quality, then you get scouted by TNA/WWE/ROH.
  5. If you want to be a wrestler it's best not to aim for the WWE imo just try and get to be the absolute best of the indies and build up a name in Japan aswell as Mexico then if the WWE come calling you're more likely to get used properly.
  6. Wrestling is something I would try but not long term.
  7. Actually you have to pay $1000.00 for a tryout.
  8. Is that true? Wow. Guess it's worth it though. Pay $1000 to potentially be a global star.
  9. There are thousands of wannabe wrestlers going there.
    The chances would be very small.
  10. Wow, never knew Dusty was in creative and Joey Mercury was a trainer, and Ricky Steamboat :O.
  11. Yeah, that's why I would recommend wrestling school first than the independent scene.

    Yup. That's why you should do Wrestling School first than the independent scene.
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