Kayfabe Before the Match

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  1. *The crowd erupts as the music begins to play throughout the arena, and as the lyrics begin, the Amazing H dances his way out onto the stage, heavily welcomed by his immense fanbase. Then, as H begins to, quite literally, fire it up, instead of his usual burst of flames he is met with a double axe-handle to the back of the head by, the recently suspended, Des Pierson.
    Boos echo from the audience in attendance as H falls forward, rolling a bit down the ramp before Des rushes him again, attacking him with kicks to the ribs, H is eventually able to swat away a kick, knocking Des off balance and giving him the chance to crawl away. Des quickly re-engages the painted freak, once again releasing kicks left and right on H. He then quickly pulls H to his feet, however he doesn't stay there long, as Des lifts him into the Fireman's Carry position. After sticking out his tongue to the camera to more boos, Des drops H back on his feet and hits him with a hard roundhouse to the back of the head, forcing him to fall against the barrier at the bottom of the ramp.
    H lays there, nearly unconscious against the barricade, when it seems an idea has popped into Des' head. Des begins to back up, and the crowd clearly begins to realize what is about to happen as chant's of "No! No! No!" echo. Then, just as Des is about to charge for the Skull Piersing (Drive-By Kick), security begins to rush out, grabbing Des from behind. Des quickly bats them off, punching one in the face and elbow jacking the other in the jaw before jumping the barricade and taking off into the crowd.
    At this point, doctors rush onto the scene to check on H, who has begun to regain his sense of awareness, as Des stands off in the distance a big smile on his face*

    *Des raises his arm in victory to another eruption of boos as the medical staff helps H to the back*