Before they were famous : wwe edition.

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  1. I figure this could have a bit of potential so post any pictures or videos of current WWE talent before they had their big break in the industry. Keep it to 2 per post at the most and spoiler big pictures. Keep the diva related stuff PG 13 also.

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  2. In the independent circuit.

    Steroids and chest hair! Hahahahaha

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  3. Kelly Kelly

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  4. I guess that's were Vince first saw her talent.
  5. Hahah nice one Crayo!
  6. :laugh:

  7. Rest in peace!
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  8. Stone Cold's hair was win.

    Can't imagine Taker not being one badass mofo.
  9. Anybody else recognize Heyman next to Austin?
  10. Wow I didn't.
  11. Ofcourse! Haha, check out the phone!! LOL
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    He looks abit like Carlton Banks here.
  13. Ahh baby remove that for me, DAMN i so fucking love her.
  14. Is that Rock?
  15. Yep. I had to double check aswell.
  16. He's rocking that tash.

    (Pun completely intended)
  17. It's not unusual to SMELALALALALAAA. WHAT THE ROCK, IS, COOKIN'!
    Could not believe my eyes for a sec.

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  19. Flair has ALWAYS looked old.
  20. I noticed that later!
    He was 300 pounds there!
    Can't believe how he managed to get in shape in his good days.
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