Beginning of the end

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    The light dim, before purple and black lights flicker towards the fan and the theme hits.

    The theme plays out for two minutes, before #Chance aka Melky Seamen walks out to a huge pop from the crowd - still wearing his US title from a failed Dat Kid compuoy. He walks down slowly to the ring spitting game at the ladies while talking shit to their gentlemen, throwing short cans of juice out to the fans, as they laugh and jeer at his presence. He walks into the ring, high fiving the ref and collecting a wad of bills before snagging the mic off him.

    I got the juice, i got it. People of IWT, Melky Smooth is in the building and you just cannot get that M Seaman taste out of your mouth! I am the greatest champion of all time out of a company that @Dat Kid received a failure grade out of. The champion who can give a great comparison and contrast to the newly inducted HoF member Herpes Lampsdale.

    Am I here for demands? No, The seaman is here for pleasure, baby, not business. I'm here to issue challenges open tothe general public. From the unknown jobbers to the delik ****flaps. From the mushroom dome's to the Joey Gladstone's.

    Let the world know, there is a smooth mother fucker here ready to pimp slap your offense before penetrating your defense. I'm about to finish.
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