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    The scene opens up with the same male IWT interviewer that has most recently interviewed Ivy Hale standing outside a building in the middle of the night in a packed city .He is juggling his interviewing equipment like microphone, an extra camera, tape recorder, and a clipboard while being on his phone.

    “Ok, so you told me that an IWT wrestler is in this library and that they need to be interviewed?... Please don’t tell me it is who I think it is… I told you, either I get a raise if I get her again, or I am out of here! She creeps me out!”

    Against his better judgment he opens the double-wide glass doors and enters the library to see, he guessed it, Ivy Hale. She is sitting in a chair in the corner near a fire-place, lit giving off a glow. Book cases behind her stretch along the walls of the building, with the shelves packed except for the section near her where she has pulled books out and some lay on the floor. She seems perfectly calm, reading a book while wearing her usual black dress, legs crossed and has a genuine smile on her face. The interviewer frowns and whispers in his phone, teeth gritted.

    “Damn it! I told you to stop putting me with her! That chick is fucking insane! That’s it, I’m walking!”

    He is about to hang up his phone, turn around and walk away, but something the person on the other line says causes him to stop and his eyes widen.

    “Triple pay you say? Ok, I’ll do it, but you better hold up your end of the bargain!”

    He hangs up his smart phone and gestures for the camera man to follow him. He walks across the library to Ivy with a smile on his face, but obviously very nervous. The cameraman looks around to see some of the books she has read and book titles jump out from “Balor, The Demon King of Ireland” to “Inside the Mind of a Demon” and to the Holy Bible itself, instead with pages ripped out. The interviewer places his belongings on a table in front of Ivy, which has a glass of red wine on it and sits across from her.

    “Hello, Miss Hale, nice to see you again…Uh yeah. I was told by my superiors that you wished to be interviewed, is that true?”

    She turns the page in her book, which reads “Carman: Dub, Dother, and Dain.” Smiling, she speaks in a calm voice.

    “Of course. I wanted someone to come in my moment of inspiration. A time where my mind is open and I can see my vision clearer than ever! Which can be more than most others I see in IWT.”

    “Inspired, how so?” He whispers to himself. “Damn, I had to ask…”


    Closing her book and placing it on her lap, she takes a drink of her wine and it leaves a red stain on her mouth before continuing.

    “When I see these men and woman in IWT, very few stand out. They are all chasing the same worthless things, self-betterment, worthless aspirations to be the “one best” in wrestling, maybe attention, to protect your hollow throne, or to just say they are not decent, but great. These ventures are simple minded and lack, as I said, inspiration. It is almost disheartening to see that. They grasp for anything they can to give them their goal and after each failure they grow more desperate. That’s why a girl like me, someone who is truly inspired, didn’t just target someone with no reason. That is why I chose Reagan Cole. It was almost destiny really for us to face. Two people with tortured pasts who developed into two different people. I chose Reagan Cole with two things in mind, to either open his mind to the way I see, or to simply bring an end to his IWT career so he wouldn’t poison these people’s minds much longer. Safe to say…”

    She reaches in her seat coshing to pull out the very wrench she used to brutalize Reagan Cole a month ago. Holding it up to her face she has a wicked look in her eye.

    “I did exactly that. Someone who wasn’t inspired couldn’t have done it. And now I bring my eyes to other pieces that need work…”

    The interviewer’s phone goes off and it is a text message. Ivy Hale seems to intrigued with her “inspiration” to notice. He opens the text message and all it reads is “Ask her about her match on Vice with Tyson Storm.”

    “So is that why you took Tyson Storm’s challenge?”

    She lowers the wrench and nods.

    “Indeed. Someone is learning. So if you know me by now, take a guess on why I chose him?”

    Gulp, he seems very uncomfortable now and he stutters and answer.

    “Well…Uh…Well… Tyson Storm defeated Scott Fargo, the current reigning Universal Champion in his debut... Sooo… that must mean for you to beat him would give greater justification to your cause?”

    She chuckles and pats his knee, making him even more uncomfortable.

    “Seeing you try so hard to get me is so amusing. But sadly for you, there is still so much for you to know. I’m not going to spoil why just yet, and even then, you got the wrong idea. But what I will say is this, I paid very close attention to Storm’s debut. While it was impressive, it left me with a bad taste in my mouth...and you will know why very soon.”

    Grabbing her glass again, she once again takes a drink of it, almost as if it is to wash “the bad taste” out of her mouth. Placing the glass on the table the interviewer asks another question.

    “Well, if you are facing Tyson Storm on Vice, does that mean you have nobody in mind for IWT Anarchy?”

    “Of course I do, I am just using Storm as a way to give the world a small sample of what I am capable of before Anarchy rains down in IWT. Because I have a special person in mind…”

    She looks away from the interviewer and looks towards the glow of the fireplace. The fire crackles and dances.

    “In IWT, the groundwork for the outcasts like myself has been laid long ago. People like Victoria Parker among others who knew how mad the world was and rejected the norms society placed. Why do you think Shinzo and Cousin Edward were allowed to cause mayhem and destruction at Summerslam and engage in a brawl so blood filled? It was unlike any IWT has seen. People like us can do what we want and there was someone I looked up to. Someone I thought I could model myself after, aspire to be like. But…but..”

    “But what?”

    She seems to be holding back rage and tears and reaches down and grabs one of the books.

    “They were nothing but a lie!”

    Book in hand, she throws it into the fireplace, lighting it in a blaze. She breathes heavy.

    “They know exactly who they are and they should know that I no longer aspire to be like them. I don’t worship false idols and they will pay for their miss-deeds at Anarchy. But first, Tyson Storm…”

    She slicks her hair back as it has flown in her eyes and she looks towards the camera and interviewer.

    “Hell has no fury like a woman scorned and you don’t know what you’re getting into. When you’re facing someone who is inspired, who is focused, enraged, it can turn into your worst nightmare very fast.”

    Not even giving a proper goodbye, the interviewer bolts out of the room, leaving Ivy Hale alone. She smirks and reopens her book to read as the camera zooms into the burning book in the fire where it we can see the worlds “Holy Bible” being burnt to a crisp as the camera fades away.
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    Is this inspiring enough, Mr. Roadster? Also Frosty, here you go. We have a little bit of story to go off of. Same thing with the person I am facing at *Anarchy.

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  2. I lol'ed at the title. Truly inspiring.
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  3. I really loved that part. Imagined the entire post as a real life segment with ease. Really love the character
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