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    We fade in on James Dragon wearing an absolutely ridiculous, but almost certainly expensive, leather ensemble. In front of him sits a man in an ill-fitting black suit with the IWT logo clipped onto his lapel. An interviewer.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining me for an exclusive interview with one of IWT's newest stars. James Dragon."

    James doesn't respond but smirks at the camera.

    "Now James, you were recently drafted to the Battleground roster; I want to know. What are your thoughts on the competition?"

    "What are my thoughts... Well, let me answer that question with another one. What would my thoughts be on being shot in the leg? Frustration, annoyance. Of course, disappointment. Can you really blame me? Here at Battlebar we have a man who embraced and then turned his back on the fans in less than a week. Another man who wins matches through the aid of his wife. Yet another, who thinks that he is Deadpool. It's a disgrace. To be put alongside these dregs of society is not only disgusting, it's insulting."

    "Do you have any choice words for our owner?"

    "Naturally. Michael, as I'm sure you're busy holding onto that title because anyone who's name isn't Aids Johnson can and will take it from you. I'll make this brief. The flagrant disrespect that you have shown me, by shoehorning me here so that I wouldn't decimate the apparent 'top echelon' of this company over at Warfare; it not only hurts me deeply how little confidence you have in your cash cows. But it irritates me financially due to the fact that these are men who's losses to me will procure me the funds I need to live the life that I like to live."

    "Taking this from me. Was an unwise decision."

    "..Some, cryptic words here from James Dragon. James I'd like to get your thoughts on the attack to our newly crowned IWT Intercontinenta-"



    "I do not care. The story is not about me nor does it feature me. Someone else has returned to the IWT fold, excellent. Fact of the matter is I'm not involved. Why you would choose to bring it to my attention is beyond me."

    "I uhm.. Alright. Well, I guess the last thing I'd like to know is who do you hope to face from your brand in the coming weeks."

    Dragon leans back in his chair, actually pondering to himself.

    "Interesting question. Would I like to face the big bearded man who talks like a child and has the intelligence to match? Perhaps I'll face Spawn, the man who got by on the fact that no one with any skill was present in the company, giving him the win streak he still desperately clings to. Who else is there? A redneck? Let's be honest with ourselves here, the Battleborg roster is filled to burst with men who are told they have potential but don't truly."

    "Luckily, the roster has men who don't need to be told that they are good at what they do."

    Dragon places his legs on a glass coffee table separating both chairs. He takes off his pair of shades to reveal an identical pair of shades underneath them and grins at the camera.

    "Like me."

    The interviewer - appearing far less enthusiastic than he had before. Shakes his head slightly.

    "Well, I suppose this may be as good a time as any to wrap things up. James I'd like to thank you for doing this and giving the fans a glimpse into your mind. It was a pleasure."

    "I know."

    Dragon stands and walks off, whistling a jaunty tune to himself. The interviewer remains, dumbfounded as we fade to black.
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