Storyline Bell of the Ball

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  1. *Britanica comes out with a basket full of... Kittens?*
    *She is wearing a long bright orange coat that looks similar to a prison jumpsuit*
    *She begins skipping down the ramp as the crowd cheers*
    *A chant begins as she enters the ring*
    Crowd : "You are crazy! *clap clap* clap clap clap* You are crazy! *clap clap* clap clap clap*"
    *The ring announcer hands her a mic and she smiled cheerfully and hands him the basket full of kittens then slaps him across the face*
    "Why hello there! Oh, don't look so shocked to see me people! I am the bell of the ball! The crown to the king! The candy to the children... The poison in your drinks. *the crowd gets quiet* So a little birdy may have told you that some strange person named Christian has called me out to face him at the Night of Champions. *makes a yawning jester* The sooner that is over with the better! It will be the worst 23 seconds of my life! *starts laughing with a smirk* I do have some grand news! As you can see... Not a blue coat or a white coat can be seen! I AM FREE! FREE AT LAST! GOOD LAWD AL MIGHTY! I AM FREE AT LAST! *the crowd starts to boo and chant again* How did I get free? Well if you happened to have missed the grandest jester of them all... A man release me from my cage. He let the crazy out! Some of you may remember him... Though so many of you have forgotten him. Such a shame. Rest assure.. You will begin to know his name quite well now... Danielson is my saver! And we..." *turns head sideways and notices a man whistling at her in the front row*
    *Britanica quickly hops the top rope and lands a few feet from the man, then slowly approaches him*
    "I must say I am quite amused by the lack of attention to detail you have. Can you not see I am in the middle of a grand reveal at my ball!? *she grabs the drink from his hand* Why don't we liven things up just a bit? Shall we? *Britanica starts drinking the man's drink as the crowd chants chug! chug! chug!* *She drops the empty cup on the floor and leans in real close to the mans face as he looks on expecting a kiss* She spits the drink in his face, slaps him and lets out a loud laugh but quickly turns dark* Don't you ever interrupt me again!"​
    *Britanica makes her way back into the ring as the crowd boos her even more*
    "You people must be more off your rocker than I! If I am not mistaken, you were... Cheering me when I came out, now.. Boos? Why all the boos? *she scratches her head and makes a child like face* Lets get back to my ball, shall we? *she unbuttons the long bright orange coat to reveal a a tight black, laced up jumpsuit with Christian bears tied tightly around it* Danielson has saved me. He helped me realize who the true enemy is. You see... Before the padded walls, the cell block, the cuffs, the court rooms... The lawsuit, the gossip, my office, Jonathan's car... Even before Frank. *she pauses and appears to be tearing up* There was one man. A man who told me I was never good enough. Who mocked my love and mocked my status. He filled the locker room with lies... Lies I was forced to believe were true. I slowly stopped taking my meds and just gave in. I gave him the reality of his sick and twisted lies. Because of this man... I will never be the same. *she looks directly into the camera and appears bitter and angry* Because of you Christian... Because of you I am who I am. *she starts bursting out with laughter* So this ball is in honor of you gum drop! The sweetest thing I ever tasted! The real love of my life! You released me from my own head! But I can't pretend I didn't enjoy it. *looks to the stage* I know you are back there watching this. Wondering what I will do next. Have no worries friend. I have great big plans for us! *She pulls out a box of match sticks and lights the Christian Bears on fire* You see... We can burn together! We can become one! But... I know that is now what you want. That is not what you ever wanted. *she unstraps the bears as they become a big ball of fire laying in the ring* You wanted me gone. You wanted to turn this company, all these fans against me. You wanted your title, and all the fame. There was only one thing standing in your way and... That was me. Sadly... Your attempt to vanish me has failed. Instead of being tied up in an office... I am here, in this ring. You will regret the day you stepped into my office Christian. You will regret the day you signed up for this company Christan. I will make you suffer and enjoy every second of it. I will lick the blood off your face right before I send your crashing straight into hell! *she starts laughing* I am coming for you gum drop. So be prepared. Oh and Jabri.. Don't think you have gotten away with anything. I will clear all the puppets you send my way. I will feast on them. And once I am done... I will be coming for you. That is not a threat... That is a sweet and delicious promise. And with Danielson by my side... Not you... Not Jonathan... No, not anyone can stop the fate you have brought upon yourself. *she looks around at the crowd*
    *Britanica steps up on the stop rope with the mic still in hand*
    "Why not come out and play with us Danielson? I am sure the crowd is eager to see what you have to say! Even Anonymous looked a bit shaken by our colorful alliance" *She drops the mic and the crowd starts chanting you are crazy again* *smoke begins to fill the ring as the flames from the bears dies off*

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    *We get a mixed reaction from the crowd
    *Christian appears on the titantron

    Christian: Hey Britanica! Hopefully you weren't expecting somebody else? I mean we are facing each other in a few weeks. You know, I'd come out there in the ring to discuss how dumb you sound right about now. But from the looks of it, you wouldn't seem to get the message. So Danielson set you free, huh? The Wood Warrior, the man who quit the IWT because of corruption within management...

    Christian: Well that explains a lot. Seeing how stuff didn't go his way, it's only fair he aligns himself with the sluttiest superstar on the roster.

    *Crowd pops

    Christian: Seeing how he probably is depressed, it's only fair he gets the easiest pie he can get. Although, it surprises me that he would have the audacity to cut into my business on taking you out. Nah sweetheart, not like a date, I have standards and don't date mentally challenged women.

    Crowd: OOOOOOHHH!

    Christian: But I do beat people up for a living! I don't care if Danielson is by your side or not, I will beat you up sooo bad, that you might actually become sane again!

    *Christian Chuckles

    Christian: But why would I want to do such a favor, to a women who cost me my World Heavyweight Championship?
    The time for jokes are over Britanica, you can show people what you're going to do to me, you can tell people what you're going to do to me, but there is no chance in hell, you'll be able to accomplish any of it. At Night of Champions, bring Danielson, bring your manly laugh, bring everything in the entire world you've got! Just make sure your everything... is just enough or else hell... will drop upon you.

    *Titantron disconnects Christian live feed
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  3. *Britanica jumps down and picks back up the mic*

    "Well that was rather rude. So let me get this straight... You want to beat me so bad that it makes me sane.. Yest you don't want to do me the favor? So... You just admitted you are scared! *turns head sideways and places palm on cheek* How darling, Darling! This is your ball gum drop. Glad you can make a.. Well.. *smirks* appearance, if that is what you call that. I however was not fond of you cutting off Danielson from coming out. That just... Don't sit to right with me. You were always one for cheap crowd pops and lazy fan affection... How AMERICAN of you."
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    Danielson never quit the IWT, IWT quit on Danielson and started to think this corrupt form of activity is acceptable. This was my plan the entire time. When Brit left it rendered me hopeless. Matter of fact, wasn't it you that just returned not so long ago yourself?

    *pause, starts walking down ramp*

    Christian, your buisness with Brit is just step one in taking back the IWT.
    I'm not depressed, I'M ANGRY!. I've seen everything you've put this woman through, and now it's my buiness.
    It surprises me that this crowd is stupid enough to cheer for you

    *Crowd BOOS*

    Oh you want to boo me? I stopped caring what you all thought the min. you were entertained by these circus monkeys.
    You think it's moral what they did to her?
    You think that's entertaining?

    *reaches ring, stands on apron*

    You refer to hell like it's a place that we haven't run through and made our own! WE'VE BEEN THROUGH HELL AND BACK, CHRISTIAN!

    *Enters ring*

    Come out here, and face us like a man!
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  5. OOC: I was on the titantron and left.
    lol'd so much though.
  6. Shit, get in the ring!
  7. Damn, it was hidden between the vids, that's my bad. I'll change it.
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    *Crowd cheers
    *Christian appears on the titantron once again
    Christian: Danny, Danny, Danny... when will you learn? Going into Night of Champions, that is MY match, those are MY rules! You don't get a say in anything and neither does your challenged girlfriend right over there. It's not about ME being a man, it's not about ME being afraid... It's that If I got my hands on you right now in that very ring... there wouldn't be a match at Night of Champions, there wouldn't be a brawl at Night of Champions, there wouldn't be a shootout at Night of Champions! And as I am a part of IWT's management, I've got to play my authority figure respectfully and appropriately. It's not good for business if I come down there and cause a blood bath on you two, it's not good for business if I come down there and make you two more disabled than you already are and don't get me started on the PPV's sales.

    You want to come face to face with the greatest entity in IWT's history? It will be on MY terms, not yours! Because frankly speaking, you don't match the heights of Christian!

    So Danny, be in the corner of Britanica at Night of Champions, it won't change a thing! She'll lose and I will exact my revenge, because that's how I roll!

    *Titantron's live feed turns off

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  9. Danielson doesn't match the likes of Christian?
    *appears angry*
    You know what is going to be REAL bad for buisness?
    Come Night of Champions when Britanica renders you within one breath of your existance.

    Let's make this official, at Night of Champions, I'll be in brits corner, and you can bring whatever suit and tie asshole from the back you can find.

    *throws mic at time keeper*
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  10. *Britanica picks up what remains of one of the Christian Bears and begins thrusting it then quickly punts it off into the crowd*
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  11. *The bear flies into the crowd and people scramble for it. The person that comes up with it.....looks....odd*

    Announcer: I wonder who ended up with that souvenir?

    *The camera pans and sees.....Trip?.......cuddling the bear to the side of his face while staring at Britanica*

    Announcer: Okaaaaaay, that seems odd. I wonder if Britannica noticed that?

    *Then Trip vanishes into the crowd and the camera cannot seem to keep up with him*
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  12. Boom, the return of audio.
    Pretty much that promo with audio.
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  13. *The titantron turns on once again, this time initially zoomed in on an empty chair. It zooms out and shows Victoria with her hair in pigtails skipping around with dolls in her hands. With a look of shock she quickly sits down, puts the dolls in her lap, and adjusts her hair.

    Oh my gosh, I didn't realize this thing was on. I was just busy skipping and had just finished making these beautiful dolls. Here, I must show them to you. I'm quite proud of them.

    *The camera zooms in on two dolls that look like Danielson and Brit. Victoria smiles in mock excitement.

    Aren't they beautiful? I think they turned out really nice. When I make things I think it's important to be as accurate and true to real life as possible. I made sure to remember to put the beer gut on Danielson and to make Brit look extra, extra crazy. And now that Danielson and Brit are a team now, their dolls can be besties and travel around together in my pocket. Better yet, maybe later I'll make them into voodoo dolls and stick pins in them. Now that Brit is no longer on her meds, maybe she'll really feel them.

    *Victoria examines her Danielson doll again*

    Perhaps I should have put a superhero cape on his back. Danielson and Anon sure know how to save a crazy lady in distress. Not only that, but ladies and gentleman he's trying to save the company...don't you understand that?! I mean, if the company doesn't revolve around him then there must be something wrong. He had to get Brit back to get things back to the way they should be. If it happens the way he envisions it with Brit in charge, the corporate headquarters will be filled with masked men and cats, and he'll get the respect he deserves.

    *Victoria breaks down and starts laughing, starting to take her hair out of pigtails

    You've got to be kidding me with this. I know desperate people are bound to do desperate, stupid things but this is just overboard. A woman who likes to set things on fire, is off her meds, and can't be considered lucid could never run a company of the IWT's caliber. Danielson, you're demonstrating your inadequacy just by standing by her side. Outside of betraying me and getting rid of your glory in the tag team division, this has to be one of the worst, most idiotic things you have ever done. With you and your girlfriend in charge, you would destroy everything that is great about this company until there was nothing left to work with. And then you would be right where you left off...hopeless and still unnoticed. But hey, we can't all be successful.

    *Victoria smirks one last time before the titanton shuts off*
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  14. No. What would make you say that? Unless it's the heavy breathing which was intended.
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  15. Heavy breathing with INTENTION... :ksi:

  16. Do you think i have time for you victoria? Didn't I already kick you to the curb just like everyone else has? As you can see i'm busy trying to save this company, and for god sakes can you be anymore jealous of Britanica? This isn't even about her being better, or you being better. I'm not ashamed to say that I was your tag team partner, and I've learned some things from you along the way. That's never to let Dat Kid get the upper hand, because he will try to keep you stuck fighting for tag team titles instead of giving you the proper recognition you deserve. If anything, you should be proud of what i'm doing, and instead you show up on the titantron looking like a scorned woman. If you really want to blame me for your problems, then go for it. I don't have time for you and your need of attention. I have bigger things to worry about than you and your pointless title. Now if you excuse me, there is a crippled kid from jersey, and i'm fucking with his clique.
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