Bell To Bell Preview

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    Wednesday night will be a night filled with action, a night that will end rivalries and establish new antagonists for Impact Wrestling’s top protagonists. It is a night aptly titled, “Bell To Bell” and it comes to you on Destination America at 9PM EST/8PM CST and will certainly trend worldwide.

    The Knockouts Championship will be defended, as record breaking Champion Taryn Terrell must face her two most worthy opponents, Brooke and Awesome Kong in a Three Way Championship Match. Taryn has done her best to stay away from Brooke and Kong, but has no where to run come Wednesday night!

    Drew Galloway formed The Rising to stop The BDC and Drew is so motivated to stop MVP and his clan that Drew is willing to disband The Rising if he can’t stop The BDC! It will be The Rising vs. The BDC in a match where the losing team must disband, the losing team will no longer exist in Impact Wrestling. We will witness the end of The Rising or The BDC this Wednesday on Impact Wrestling.

    Match #5 in The Best of Series between The Wolves and The Dirty Heels will be a 30 minute Ironman Match! Austin Aries defeated Davey Richards in singles competition at Slammiversary and The Dirty Heels were allowed to choose the stipulation and shocked everyone with the choice of an Ironman Match. This contest will test the endurance of our athletes as the rules are this, the team that earns the most pinfalls or submissions in 30 minutes leaves as TNA World Tag Team Champions.

    In a match 620 days in the making, EC3 will finally challenge Kurt Angle for The TNA World Championship! Can EC3 finish his quest? Can Kurt Angle retain The Title? Will Tyrus be a factor? Will EC3 be beaten for the first time ever? All these questions and more will be answered this Wednesday on Destination America as we present Bell To Bell at 9PM EST/9PM PST and this night is must see!


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