Bella Twins farewell photo's

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    Hate to see them leave, but I love to see them walking away..
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  2. Nice pics. I wonder what are they going to do from now on.
  3. BELLAS DONT LEAVE MEH! I loved them next to Eve or else fuck all divas Rosa is hot but such a hoe.


    Future endeavored into Porn!
  4. peace out skanks
  5. I knew it they are defintely gone from the company. That news breaking of them not re signing was true so I dont know why they denied it on twitter. Apprentely they wanted more money on their new contract but Vince obviously didnt want to give them more money so he let them leave and now their contract has expired. I dont think they will be missed other divas can easily take their place. Shame Kharma didnt get her revenge on the Bellas before they left that should of happened at Extreme Rules a big opportunity missed there
  6. I also wonder what their next adventure will be.
  7. They'll be back... THEY ALWAYS COME BACK.

    God, they are so hottttt.
  8. Still so emotional.. :upset:
  9. ...I can fap to that. :gusta:
  10. Back within 2 years.

    I hope to god they do playboy or a porno.
    Oh days.
  11. There probably gonna do loads of appearances at major events across the states. Although from what ive seen alot of guys want them to do porn so you never know they may end up doing that

    Bellas tweeted this earlier

    The Bella Twins ? @thebellatwins
    Need a day to gather our thoughts... Tune in tomorrow 2 http:emoji_confused:/ 2 hear what we have to say & what's next for the #BellaArmy!

    The Bella Twins ? @thebellatwins
    PS Thank you all for your kind words! @WWEUniverse means the world to us! And the #BellaArmy will always conquer #TwinMagic Baby!

    Also Kelly Kelly and Natalya sent these tweets to the Bellas

    Kelly Kelly ? @RealKellyKelly
    I'm gonna miss my besties @thebellatwins We've had an amazing 5 years together and I love you like my sisters ...Thank u for everything!

    Natalya ? @NatbyNature
    Gonna miss @thebellatwins - we started together in FCW. We truly had some wonderful memories together! Thanks girls!! http:emoji_confused:/
  12. Will miss their attire.
  13. http:emoji_confused:/

    As long as they do a naked shoot with guitars again.

  14. That's a bass guitar.:lol1:
  15. This.. Is goddamn sexy.
  16. Guys they will be back i can asure you
  17. They'll end up returning after a while, they always come back. :otunga:
  18. I know, that's one sexy ass guitar.
  19. You could also say, that's one lucky guitar. :obama:
  20. It's sexy too, but it's a bass. Lmao.