Belt Limit *Poll*

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What would you like the belt limit to be?

Poll closed Feb 24, 2013.
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  5. No Limit

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  1. What would you like the limit for belts to be per user?

    *This will NOT subtract from current holders.*

    Anyone over the voted limit will retain their belts, as they won them previous to the limit rule. Once they are below the limit, however, they will not be able to surpass it.

    ---This does not include group exclusive belts.
  2. 2 main ie WHC, US
    1 group ie DX, nWo
  3. Group titles don't count as they are restricted to only group members. This is just for Raw, Nitro + tag and diva belts.
  4. I'll stand by my vote then.
  5. I believe a limit of 2 belts (not including groups) is fair - this means there's still 50% of the belts left for others.
  6. 2 + Group
  7. Going with 2 as well.
  8. 2+ group
  9. There is no limit to excellence. Step your game up noobs!
  10. Since this is still pretty close, I will leave it open for 48 hours then which ever wins will be the new rule limit.

    If you have more then 2 belts... cough* @"senhor perfect" *cough... You will be able to retain your extra belt until you lose one of them, once you are at 2, you will not be able to compete for anymore titles.
  12. I didn't vote :why:

    Meh, I woulda' voted for no limit anyway :dawg:
  13. I forgot to announce it. The poll closed like a day ago. haha

    I also forgot to close the thread after... :dawg:

    #Leadership101 :woo1: