Belt Merging

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    The sooner we merge the quicker everything can run more smoothly on here.
    So is everyone in agreement that for Payback, belts will get merged?
    Vote & Discuss.
  2. I like the idea, VOTE :yes:
  3. They don't have a choice :tough:
  4. LOL What is everyone talking about with some other plan?
  6. Dat Kid

    I am glad I was aware of this... :facepalm:
    Please post the schedule in the Payback thread for me so I can fix this.
  7. Who me? I'm just a lowly competitor my dear Britanica
  8. Merging of belts? The time has finally arrived. The yarn ball of lies and deceit is finally coming undone and soon the entire world will be able to see right through the protective blanket of wickedness that the powers that be have been hiding behind. All we need is the courage and power to pull the blanket away from them!

    It's a conspiracy I say!