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  1. Harriet is sitting upright in the hospital bed, watching television. There is a knock at the door before it opens slightly.
    Doctor: You must be Josephine Vargas.
    Harriet: Actually, I go by Harriet now. It's my middle name.
    Doctor: My mistake, sorry about that, Harriet.

    Harriet gives the doctor a small smile. There is awkward silence for a moment.

    Harriet: So, what are the results? Can I go back to work?
    Doctor: There seems to be no permenant damage caused by the blow to the head.

    Harriet: So can I work? I cannot be injured again.
    Doctor: This has happened before?
    Harriet: I had surgery for a separated shoulder last year. I was out for six months... I was utterly worthless for six months.
    Doctor: I'm sure that wasn't the case.
    Harriet: It really was. I don't have a fancy degree to fall back on...I don't even have a highschool diploma, for Christ's sake. Wrestling is all I know- It's all I want to know. I won't be out on injury again, so you had better be bringing me good news.

    The doctor nods, watching Harriet wipes her eyes briefly.

    Doctor: I guess it's your lucky day then. Change out of the gown and then go speak to the nurse- she can discharge you.

    Harriet looks relieved, blowing out the breath she was holding.

    Harriet: Thank you, you don't know how happy you just made me.
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