Best entrance Music?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by RoyalRaven, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. I really like Christians music, who is your favourite :D?
  2. Not to totally be a Sheamus mark, but I really like his song.

  3. Period..

    Current fav:

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  4. Randy Orton '04 - '08 (Burn in my Light - Mercy Drive)

    Christian '04 - '05 (Just Close Your Eyes - Waterproof Blondes)

  5. All the things she said... TATU.

    Was Victoria's song for a bit
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  6. Stone Cold's. Simple yet very effective.
  7. Steven Regal's : He's a Man! Or Doink the Clown
  8. This
    And one of my all time favorites

  9. Mothafucking young bucks sir.
  10. :win:
  11. Robert Roode.
  12. Well it's nice to see the forum has taste :D
  13. Looking at some of the ones before me, you guys have terrible taste in music.

  14. Cult of Personality and Broken Dreams.
  15. Of course:

  16. I like Wade's entrance music, the one before this new one.
    Then I like Word Life, This Fire Burns...
    Uhh, Mark Henry's entrance music is pretty fitting to him...
    I like Layla's new music.
    Thats all I can think of for now.
  17. The first one from Drew Mcintyre was quite good :)
  18. Ohhh good question !
    But I've got a question for you, ARE YOU READY ! :bury:

    DX entrance music is insane man !!

    Always liked CM Punk's entrance music; This Fire Burns and Cult Of Personality :pity:

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