Best Feud In WWE/F History?

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  1. What is your absolute favorite feud in the WWE/F?
    Why is it your favorite?
    Why is it better then others they have done?
  2. Hart/Michaels because there was real hatred behind the scenes, the matches were incredible, and it was long lasting.
  3. The Undertaker vs Kane in their first feud in 1997-1998. It was defining moments that has been talked about for years. It was like the first ever Monster Brother vs Monster Brother feud. The Phenom vs The Big Red Machine. Kane pushed Taker to his snapping points. Interrupting the deadman's matches ever chance Taker had. Costs him the Hell In A Cell Match and the WWE Championship in the Casket Match at Royal Rumble. The last straw was when Kane tried to burn his brother alive in that casket. It was the final straw that broke it's back. Taker finally decided to fight at WM 14. Which is one of the most classic matches in the Attitude Era. The Undertaker thought Kane died in that house fire when their were kids, but he was wrong. This rival was brought all the way up since their childhood. In my honest opinion no man, heel, face, or even monster has ever took the fight or forced Taker to do something that he didn't want to do. Kane got the best out of Undertaker. But Taker beat Kane in result.
  4. Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle. Why, well for one their bout at the Rumble in 03 is my all-time favorite match. And they have plenty of other great ones, their three stages of hell (which I believe was just called a two out of thee falls match, but considering the first fall was a singles match, the second was submission only, and the third was a ladder match, I'm calling it a three stages of hell), and their WrestleMania bout to name a few. Why it's better than the others? Simply put the matches are incredible, and with two of my favorite wrestlers of all-time.

    Shout-out to HHH/HBK though!
  5. Mine was the hardy-Dudley-edge,Christian wars...

    They put on quite a show!
  6. Austin/Rock, obviously. They had the perfect chemistry with each other, and were so different in personalities, that it just worked. Their biggest match ever - Wrestlemania 17 - when they were both faces in their primes is one of my favorite matches ever.
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    This, nothing matches two of wrestling biggest stars clashing so close to their peak