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    The IWT house show in Milwaukee, WI returns from commercial break (and is later uploaded to youtube via the IWTube site) as darkness fills the arena.

    The crowd gives a huge pop, chanting "we've got Aids" before the music of the weeks hits.

    Aids Johnson walks out in his brewers suit with a mic in one hand, and his bottle of Glenfiddich 18 in the other as the crowd pops again. He stops at the top of the ramp to pander to the crowd, doing the heisman pose before running down and sliding into the ring. Aids hits each corner, taking a pull from his bottle before pouring out a drink each time. He slowly finishes, backtracking - clearly drunk - before getting his stability in the middle of the ring before holding up the microphone.

    Here I stand, a man wasted, wishing I was at a local pub here to meet after being lucky enough to throw out the first pitch today. Instead, here I am, throwing the first pitch at the catcher known as Evander after his true first match in the IWT - Wasted, waiting for his hangover tomorrow - losing to JWAB for fucks sakes, and i'm supposed to be juiced to come back for one more match after this degenerate exposed himself in front of the entire universe? What a joke.

    I retired, came back, and did it 10x over - but it was always about opporuntity and never about wins and losses. I wanted to end my career on a win, but what does it matter now? He talked all that smack and backed up absolutely none of it. Welcome to the IWT, Evander. So where do I stand?

    I stand for the IWT, but what is in it for Aids? Nothing. I have nothing to gain, and once again, everything to lose. I go out with a win against a lowcard douchebage who thinks he is desinted for greatness, put a rocket on his ass twice and what did he do? Fail.

    I'm not bowing out of the match, hell I won't even waste your time with the average Triple Aids promo. I'm going to show up to Summerslam, and after that I am finally done with all this nonsense. Proving yourself against me means nothing, I am the greatest man to walk in and out of this building until proven otherwise, but there is no way it will ever be you, Evander. Enjoy your time in the limelight, because I will be the greatest opponent you face whether you win or lose. You are destined for the midcard, and as a man of my word I will finish what we started. That is the difference between you and I.

    Opportunity has presented itself, and you are the blind, deaf, and mute man standing in the corner demanding attention. You deserve none of it. I called Melky Seamen, but even he wanted nothing to do with the parasite you have already shown yourself to be. Enjoy Summerslam, it's the first and only time you will ever be in the upper card, you piece of low class trash.

    Aids tosses the mic in the air, before holding his bottle like a baseball bat, swinging and making contact - smashing the bottle all over the ring as the mic hits the mat.
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  2. Frye enters the arena moving to the rhythm of fur elise with a devilish grin on his face and microphone in hand. He stops and motions for his music to stop whilst at the top the ramp and raises the microphone to his mouth amd proceeds to walk to the ring slowly.

    I was listening in backstage and I couldn't help but agree with you! Evander Amos is trash, a real waste of human flesh...imperfect...and let's not forget that I was mere moments away from making him a true work of art. But that's over, it happened. What I'm saying is that savage doesn't deserve to be in the same ring as you...

    Arno climbs the steel steps and enters the ring.

    ...But I do. I see something in you. Potential. Yes you may be some drunken slob but that's just're broken, hollowed, hiding in that liqour and I understand it. But it doesn't always have to be this way, I can fix you...I can make you perfect. Yes...yes I see it now. You, Aids, you could be my MAGNUM OPUS.

    The crowd boo Arno loudly as he stares at Aids in anticipation...

    *Smiling from ear-to-ear* So...whadduya say?

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  3. Aids looks Frye in the eyes as they stare face to face, moving closer towards him, before pushing Frye's elbow up to put the Mic up for Aids.

    No, I won't. You see this ring I'm wearing? It's from the IWT's first Hall of Fame class, of which I was the first inductee. You want a magnum opus? Well practice makes perfect, and you are far from the land I live in. Evander never deserved a chance, he won a lottery and lucked into it based on the level of my intoxicity, a mistake I will attempt to avoid once again for some time.

    I opened up the option for you to come out here, and that was my mistake because I should have known Evander would cower after another major loss in the IWT, but another call out on what I could do for you?

    Tell me my friend, what is in it for me? What happens when I win.

  4. Evander Amos comes out in his usual black hoodie and gym shorts, stopping up at the stage.

    I feel like I'm watching reruns on the IWT Network. What's in it for me, what's in it for me, wah wah wah? What do I get? Let me tell you what you're going to get Aids. You're going to get beaten, you are going to be in it for the asswhupping of a century, not since the Broncos beating the Packers has the world ever seen something like what's in store for you at Summerslam. Aside from that there's nothing for you to gain, so if you're that dead set on thinking I'm wasting your time, then why don't you quit. Let's call it off Aids.

    Amos shrugs, but before Aids can speak-

    I wasn't just talking about the match Aids. I'm talking about IWT, why don't you just quit. I mean, you were retiring anyway weren't you? All your buddies are gone, aside from Erik Draven, you're the oldest one here. You've already won the IWT Championship more than most people. I mean what else can you possibly do here, which why it puzzles me as to why you came back?

    Aids, I'm not like the rest of those clowns in the back or the one standing with you in the ring with his fleshlight made of Playdoh. I have no reason to fight you either other than one, because I want to. I want to fight the best, not a hasbeen, not a washed up drunk, not a senile old man, and you are none of those things! Everyone here might be stupid enough to fall for this act you put on, but I'm not. I'm not going to under estimate you Aids, because I know that you're a threat. I did that to Jwab and fought him with an injured shoulder, nearly beat him, but ended up losing. You? No. You get my best.

    Aids you get to fight me, fully recovered in a match that has not been seen in years. There will be NO RIVALRY, this is one night of two men fighting because that is all we know how to do! That's why you came back Aids, because outside of IWT you simply do not know how to live. So you ask me, what's in it for me? You get exactly what you came back for, a fight, and it's going to be the hardest fight of your career, I promise you that.

    Amos looks over at Frye

    Hey Arno, you said you were mere moments away from making me a true work of are, but it's over, it happened. What happened Arno? Because if I recall correctly you didn't win that match. In fact if I recall you couldn't move at the end of that match. Forget my arm injury, what did I do to you, because that wasn't a 3 count, it was a 10 count with you laid out on your back a few feet from the ring, but you couldn't even get up to even ATTEMPT to get back in.

    You came out here because you were listening and I say you didn't come out here because you wanted to fight Aids. You came out here because you know Aids is fighting me. You don't get to insert yourself into my match. You couldn't even handle me, what are you going to do in the ring with Aids Johnson and myself? Not a damn thing. So instead of us ending your career at Summerslam, why don't I just knock you out, because I'm finally seeing what you mean by art. You sprawled out on the outside of the ring, like a dead hooker in Vegas was quite the work of art.

    Evander smiles, but then it immediately disappears.

    Get out of the ring Arno.
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  5. Arno snatches his mic back from Aids and with his right eyebrow raised stares in anger at Evander.

    You are a failed peice of work I tried...but I couldn't make you perfect. It's done, it happened.You may have left me knocked out cold on the outside but how's that arm buddy!? My art does leave a lasting impression, doesn't it? Funny enough that was just a mere sketch! Just a little practice. Even a bad sketch can come back to haunt you when you're trying to create your Magnum Opus. I'm in here with a hall of famer trying to create my greatest creation and here you come.

    Arno takes a few steps toward Amos...

    *speaking in a somber tone*You know what happens to failed artwork, Evander? It gets thrown away, it gets burned, it gets dismembered. Never to see the light of day again. But that of course is if my failed works DARE make there way back into my life somehow...and here. You. Are. *shaking his head* You may hold a victory over me Evander but that doesn't make you better than me. Now if you would wait your turn... my greatest creation awaits...
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  6. Wait my turn?

    Evander takes off his hoody

    I don't wait for shit! My debut match was an IC title shot, my 3rd match was in the IWT Championship Tournament, my next big match will be against Aids Johnson at Summerslam, but if I have to throw in putting you on Worldstar for the 2nd time then so be it.

    He walks down to the ring and enters it.

    Getting a victory over you didn't make me better than you, you're right, I was born better than you. You called me your magnum opus last week and now he is your magnum opus. So I suppose if he beats you, then you'll move on to someone else. Maybe it's not the so called canvas you're working on, maybe it's the artist. If your art was making up excuses as to why you cant get the job done, you'd be snortin coke in a high end gallery in Brooklyn with the rest of those hashtag hipsters.

    So get out of the ring Arno, this is the last time I'm gonna say it to you.
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  7. Arno rolls his eyes and chuckles...

    Evander here you go again with the savagery...I don't want to fight you, in fact I'd really hate to see another brother be wrongfully executed this week I--

    The crowd interupt the rest of Arno's sentence with vicious boos. He takes a moment to soak in the crowds reaction and continues talking over the now arena full of boos...

    I came out here to challenge this guy*points to Aids* because your imperfections obscured my true vision for the magnum opus. You're an abomination and abominations can not be savalaged, only ignored which * smiles* you shall be...

    Arno turns his back to Evander and directs his attention to Aids

    You wanna know what you'll gain from a match with me? Nothing. Because I came out here not for you benefit, not for his *pointing back at Evander* I came out here because you, unlike him, are salvagable. I can fix you...*walks closer to Aids*... I can make you the better than you are...perfect even. Screw being a hall of famer, you could reside in my hall of wonderful artworks...yes I see it now you could be in the back of the hall, all the lights shine upon you and hang there lifeless in my gallery...* Arno whipes a tear from his right eye*...glorious.

    Arno pauses for a moment and then begins to laugh. While keeping both Amos and Aids in his view he backs out of the ring and begins walking up the ramp still facing the ring and still laughing. He stops at the top of the ramp and his expression becomes serious...

    I'll leave you two to your little cat fight...but just know in due time...I will come to collect my work...Goodbye, for now.

    Frye drops the microphone and exits the arena.
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  8. Evander watches Arno leave the arena before turning around to Aids.

    You can show up to Summerslam, you can decide to not show up at all, but don't you dare show up and expect not to give me 100% in our match. You might win, you might lose, but if you show up thinking this is gonna be an easy win, not only will you leave with a loss, but you will leave humiliated.

    See you at Summerslam.

    Evander starts to make his way out of the ring.
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  9. Aids, after spending the past few minutes sitting on the corner turnbuckle, jumps down and quickly makes his way for Evander. He grabs him by the shoulder - spinning him into a face to face. Aids once again uses the other man in the ring as his subordinate - moving Evanders elbow up and positiong the microphone close enough for Aids to speak into.

    I never assume anything is an easy win anymore. You want my 100%? You've got it.
  10. Out of nowhere, a masked man comes out of the crowd with a baseball bat and surprises both Arno Frye and Aids Johnson who stand in the ring looking at Evander Amos who's already on the ramp at this point. He beats down Arno Frye from behind, and as Aids Johnson decides to go after this masked man to save Arno Frye from an assault, he gets taken down with the baseball bat as well. He stares down Evander Amos, who's looking at the masked man with an annoying look on his face. The masked man takes his mask off...

    It's Danny Jacobs! 1/3rd of the Bullad Club, coming to seemingly attack Aids Johnson and Arno Frye. He gets a microphone and begins to speak, as Evander Amos looks on from the stage.

    ''This is a joke. You guys are jokes. I wish I could take you all seriously with your empty threats and your empty promises, but I can't. You guys are a disgrace to this company, to MY company, so I'm here to do one thing and one thing only...''

    ''I'm here to kill all of you.''

    Danny Jacobs takes his baseball bat with him, hits Aids one final time and then leaves through the crowd, the same way he came in.
  11. OOC: Arno left the arena...
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