Best monster heel ever?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, May 10, 2012.

  1. Who's the best monster heel ever?
  2. Obviously the original badass Kane in 1997
  3. Mark Henry's monster heel run last year/early this year was by far the best monster heel run since WWE went PG.
    Things like shouting at the crowd saying I'll kill you etc. just makes it much more realistic and frightening.
  4. What about before that though Jonathan? Compare his to like Kane's etc.

    I must admit Henry would be close. Umaga was amazing too.
  5. Vader was a pretty awesome monster heel in WCW as well. WWF dropped the ball with him big time.
  6. Yokozuna was absolutely epic, and King Kong Bundy.
    I loved Hogan/Yokozuna. Have almost their entire feud on my PC.
  7. Vader, easily.
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  8. Kane when he 1st umasked too was sick. Putting jumper cables on Shanes nuts, tombstoning Linda on the stage, and setting JR on fire.
  9. Vader would have been very high on mine. He had like the perfect gimmick.
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  10. Tie between Kane and Vader for me. Both great.
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  11. Kane when he first got his mask off. I was traumatized when I saw him electrocute Shane O' Macs balls.
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  12. Kane, Vader, Yokozuna and 2011 Henry are high on my list.
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  13. Undertaker ministry. Easily the baddest monster heel of all time, with a fitting theme to boot. Devil worshiping heel (during TV-14 rating) > ALL. Kane is probably second.
  14. It's quite cool that Henry is getting a few mentions.
  15. Henry was the baddest heel other than kane and undertakr
  16. 1st masked Kane and Umaga for me..
  17. Finally someone mentions my main man Umaga!
  18. Umaga probably had the best name out of any heel; The Samoan Bulldozer.
  19. Umaga was so awesome.. A Super Heavyweight who did some sick flying aswell. I liked his matches with Hardy..

    May he rest in peace.
  20. I would also like to nominate Jamal from 3 Minute Warning, who everyone has clearly overlooked, and definitely not mentioned in the slightest.

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