Best Of CM Punk's Commentary 2010.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by THG?, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. I'm not Punk's biggest fan, but this made me chuckle quite a bit at times.
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  2. Honestly, I think they should put him on commentary on year for a few months. Just to give him a break from in ring work, I'm sure he'll do fine in the commentary booth either on Smackdown or on Raw.
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  3. Not a bad idea at all.
  4. I agree. Maybe then he will pick back up and stop being so damn sloppy.
  5. Rey Mysterio! He's a carjacker on the side!
  6. I like CM Punk on commentary. His comments make me laugh and he adds a little extra to whatever he's a part of. Seeing him in some commentary situations in 2014 would be great.
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  7. He's a better commentator than he is wrestler, not that that is saying much.
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  8. Personally, thought DB was funnier.
  9. Maddox & Punk on commentary would be amazing.
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  10. I'm currently watching the video and I think they should give Punk a show on Youtube where he interviews people like MizTV and they just let him do whatever the fuck he wants lol
    This is pretty funny.
  11. I wanted him to continue Grammar Slam. But, that was only part-time.
  12. Grammar Slam? I must watch this!
  13. I'll send you the links.
  14. kkkkk
  15. Punk and The Miz are the future of that commentary table.
  16. I really loved Punk's run as a heel commentator, he just had no mercy on saying whatever he felt like, when he retires from wrestling in the ring he should totally do this!
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