Best of Luck (Match Card For ER)

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by catlady, May 17, 2013.

  1. I'm not buying the PPV!
  2. Jonathan are any matches happening today or?
  3. It was supposed today I was going to face Farooq God of WWEForums in a ladder match for the Hardcore championship
  5. Yeah, we didn't PM you but we did post it clearly in the IWT Extreme Rules thread
  6. When do you wanna start the match? Right now or later?
  7. Whenever I don't really care but it's supposed Britanica or Jonathan should make the thread since it's ER
  8. Then you guys can make the match now :boss:
  9. Jonathan Go ahead and make the threads for all the matches since no one told you times. They can start when ever they get on, between now and Sunday. I will keep them clean till the matches begin. If you don't want to make the threads, I can do it real quick but let me know before I get off. I posted the match types up above as well.
  10. Well crap now I think he got offline... CRAP! :angry: Well I will post them real quick. I figured everything would get messed up. :facepalm:
  11. Ohh ok. lol I thought you got off. So you wanna post them or should I? Its up to you but Nano & Farooq's gotta go up now.
  12. You can do there's if you want, I'll do the rest later.
  13. I may only be online one more hour but I can cut a promo and tell someone to post it for me, could I if I cut it in a conversation and then someone posts it for me?
  14. You match is a ladder match so voting will be open when its going on so you have to cut promos during it so voting fluctuates. I will post the thread for it now but if you can't start it, don't post anything yet. if you guys go back and forth for like a half hour thats enough time for now then u can come back later and post more.
  15. Ok, I'll do that, thanks :).
  16. Posted the Hardcore Match. I shall leave the rest in your hands. :obama:
  17. Britanica could me and Nano have our cruiserweight Championship match now? NanoRah14 you ok to do it now?