Best part for me

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Harley Quinn, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. :jbl: :damn: We heard Lita needed protection.
  2. :lol1:

    the slater segment was the best part of the show for me. second to the miz
  3. APA was pretty nice. That Clothesline... :gusta:
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  5. Haha that was really awesome XD I was happy about the Miz, too :)
  6. Im glad we got another heel champion now :boss1: and that was a quick upload and that clothesline was Godlike!
  7. was great to see JBL and Faarooq back.
  8. We mentioned you too in the thread :)
  9. So he's Faarooq. I was trying to tag him but couldn't find him. :((
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  10. :eek:tunga1: success
  11. how good did heath slater sell that... definitely an underused talent
  12. Move over Ziggler!
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