Best superstar theme song (Old + Current)

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  1. Pick two theme songs that you think were the best of all time.
    - 1 song being from a current superstar
    - 1 song being from an alumni superstar (Ex-superstar)

    Alumni superstar (Batista)

    Current superstar (Cody Rhodes)

    I was half tempted to go with David Otunga's theme :lol1:
  2. Joe Hennig
  3. Old:

    Enter the Sandman by Metallica for The Sandman


    Cult of Personality by Living Colour for CM Punk
  4. Old: Edge's theme before he retired

    New: I come from money Ted Dibiase
  5. Old: The new nation of domination theme

    New: The Corre's theme (although it's not very fresh)
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  6. :yes:
  7. +1 :win:
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