Best taunts ATM?

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  1. I love Cesaro's machine gun taunt when a guy is in the corner. The original version of said taunt is pretty dope as well.

    Ziggler's taunts are always on point, of course.

    Henry's shit talking is up there as well.

    Worst of course goes to John Cena. I can see you dude. You weigh 250 pounds and are wearing a purple shirt and matching hat. I see you.
  2. RVD's taunt. It he didn't point at himself and say his full name, I might forgot where and who he was. :phew:
  3. RVD and Ziggler's
  4. If you count TNA, then A Double laying on the top ropes is my favourite.
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  5. Yea that's always been a favorite taunt of mine as well.
  6. RVD's taunt is the best. I don't think there are too many wrestlers that can get a whole crowd to do your taunt with you during a match.
  7. Henry shit talking is the best in the buisness, hands down, without a debate right now.
  8. Cesaro's taunt is probably the best imo, but Daniel Bryan's gets the most reaction obviously
  9. WWE: The Shield's 3 way fist bump
    TNA: Bobby Roode's taunt on the turnbuckle

  10. yup!
  11. Adam Cole is a pretty damn good shit talker, told a crowd to suck his dick.
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