Best way to find potential MOTM candidates

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  1. That function doesn't really differ between quality and activity though. Quality is a factor in MOTM not just whoever posts the most. Anyone could just repost news from a dirtsheet instead of creating discussion worthy topics to try and get MOTM.
  2. It's a good basis to work on, but it won't have much influence. Some users get a lot of likes for stuff that doesn't really benefit the site for example. A page like that doesn't tell you who created the best wrestling discussion threads. But, it is a good source to work from for the general stuff.
  3. Wow, I haven't been on there since August!?
  4. Very useful thing. Is that in the actual install xF or?

    Crayo, do you have anything you can add so we can see the posts per day or anything? Really interested me that.
  5. It's a free add on called "Top Contributors". We can make it a sidebar too.

    Don't think so, I haven't found a mod like that anyway. The built in statistics system is awesome.
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  6. Sadly it is only admins that see that though :please:
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  7. Could we at least have this? That's something that interests me.
  8. MOTM is always going to be biased due to the nature of the beast. Maybe though if the voting was PM'd to Crayo instead of being public it may encourage more open voting and less ppl just voting for friends of ppl already mentioned in the thread? Dunno! Just a thought!
  9. lol Some people on there have made more posts in one month than I have in over a year.
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  10. That feeling sucks don't it. Feel you there bro.
  11. That looks ugly, and most people simply aren't interested in it unfortunately. I know why you are (being a webmaster and all), but yeah, most aren't.

    We had 2241 posts yesterday though. There's my treat :happy:
  12. I post too much sue me.
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  13. Nostalgia.
  14. Bringing back the MYBB feels now

  15. Just give me the award. Every month.
  16. Last DT posts didnt count for that.
  17. Diskussion Fred

  18. Last Raw's discussion thread