Best WrestleMania in history?

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  1. In your opinion which has been the best WrestleMania in your opinion? Why or Why not is optional
  2. I've only seen 20 onwards plus 17 which was the best.
  3. 17 for me aswell so many awesome matches from rock v scsa taker v hhh angle v benoit vince vs shane plus many more
  4. 17 of course.

    Raven-Kane-Show hardcore 3 way was boss, and ofc the main event.
  5. Anyone who doesn't say Mania '20 is daft.

    Eddie and Chris with their titles at the end of the show, celebrating and crying, sends shivers down my spine and makes me sad :sad:
  6. I hate it when people say things like this.
  7. From my very vague memory.

    Eddie and Kurt was disappointing considering the two involved, Brock and Goldberg was fucking garbage and Undertaker vs Kane was poor.

    Cannae mind the rest.
  8. Wrestlemania XXVI