Beth Phoenix - weighs 230 lbs OMG

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Sooo Kia, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Wikipedia must b wrong, cuz she's listed at 230lbs. That must be wrong or something. Maybe u guys don't care, but I'd be considerably angry if I were her. Who writes these things?
  2. I wonder what her actual weight is though, she's big for a women, muscle mass is heavier than fats so she must be quite heavy.
  3. That psycho guy is smaller than she is. The guy who killed himself and his family. Don't ask how I know this, either
  4. Our Divas champion is heavier than our WWE champion!
  5. This made me lol.

    And considering she looks to be around 5'6 or 5'7, no way she weighs anywhere near 230 lbs. Does WWE really bill her at that weight? I'd say she weighs 160-165 at the most, and even that is pushing it.
  6. Yeah if she was 230 she'd be like Kharma. Or else I hate it when I stay up to find not a lot of people active on here anymore.
  7. wikipedia :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: was source
  8. I doubt she is 230 lbs. Even with all that muscle, she has to around 160 no more than that.
  9. Highest I saw 210
  10. A reliable site told me 150 lbs.
  11. Source?

    150 is like 10 and a half stone here. Considering Leviathan is 13 and a half, I don't see Beth being that light.
  13. Kharma weighs in at 280 lbs so it must be a lie?
    Probably 170 lbs.
  14. Kharma weighing 280 is just as preposterous as Beth weighing 230
  15. It says billed, WWE is always stretching it. She is a powerfull Diva, so maybe that's the reason why they did it. Can't believe she's 230.
  16. 230 is an insult. I'd go crazy if I heard this. I'd go bat crazy 2 have it changed