Royal Rumble Match 2019: MEN

RR 2019 Men


Who did everyone pick? ...lol I can't decide.

I don't think Omega would win if in it... not WWE's style, would be cool though if Finn beats Brock for the Title & AJ beats Dbry.... which former Club member would he face?

I really HOPE it's not Seth, kind of the last guy I want to see win it this year (Which probably means he will win it)

Brauns too obvious to me, would like to see him get the title match but not win the rumble for the title match (possible though)

BATISTA vs BROCK would be cool... but I don't see WWE going with Batista in fear fans would shit on him again and he'll prob be facing hhh at WM

Rock could be the guy to finally send Brock packing at WM with a possible assist from a recovering Reigns? ...Be a cool moment.

Then there's Drew.... I think I'm stuck between Drew, Rock or Seth to bet all my money on.... who