Storyline Beware the Underdog

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  1. Knight is Backstage in his locker room, with a camera crew, following his loss to Kaizer. He takes a sip from a water bottle then puts it on a table near by. He then look at the camera.

    Knight: Hello, I see you found me....You know, Kaizer would be laughing right now, claiming that I'm nothing but a Jobber and that the match was one sided but you see.....It was damn close. You see, Every match I'm in, My Opponent reduces me to the status of a Jobber, Which Kaizer did during our last match.....but you see, All the greats start out as Jobbers. No matter who I've faced, I have proven that I am a part of IWT's future....I put on good performances event after event, The fans know this well, They know I deserve another Opportunity at the X-Division Title.....But that Opportunity has slipped through my hands yet again.....I know I won't be getting my shot anytime soon but I'm going to request something.....I Request a Second Chance....A Chance to prove that I can win against a Champion....A Chance to show that I can win titles. Jonothan, I Deserve a Second Chance at the X-Division Title.....I don't care who I have to face for the chance.....I'll face them and I'll make my way to that title shot and then, I can show to you what this Underdog can do!

    Knight goes back to his water bottle as the Camera Crew leaves the room.
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  2. OOC- I really like the underdog gimmick, it's more original than most (including mine). It's tough to write against as well, keep it up.