Storyline BG Kumbi comes to IWT

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  1. (forget about the at other gimmick guize)


    BG Kumbi has a camera set in his lap, behind his is his bedroom. He is sporting a combover and a white polo t-shirt.

    BG Kumbi pulls a come out and begins to come his comb over while smiling at the camera.

    Y'all best be read for this. My name is BGK. I've come to IWT to put an end to the evil. It's come to my party's attention then IWT's wrestlers have been plotting against my organization the Kumbi Club. The Kumbi Club is a respected organization and we will not tolerate this kind of treatment. This is an official cease and desist from the Kumbi Club for plagiarizing the gimmicks of the Kumbi Club. The Kumbi Club invented wrestling, therefore IWT is plagiarizing The Kumbi Club's work. The Kumbi Club is starting it's movement against plagiarism in IWT. We will take every championship that we can get a hold of and then relinquish it. I have an army ready to march upon the grounds of IWT and shit upon every man women and child in our way. The Kumbi Club owns the wrestling world! BG Kumbi is the leader and my partner @NexFlax is my right hand man.

    BG Kumbi hands camera over to NexFlax...
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  2. NexFlax gets handed over the camera...

    Hello, I am NexFlax. Co-leader of the Kumbi Club. And I will personally kill every single one of your mothers for plagiarizing the gimmicks of the Kumbi Club. Me and my partner, BGK have been doing this shit for eons. (like, 3 or 4) We have invented the use of clubs and organizations. Therefor making us 100% unique. and 100% original. All these other niggas want to cheat there way into the IWT, but honestly, who cares? And if I die today, remember me like Guru Dutt, or anyone. Tweet about, forget about, then don't give fuck.
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  3. BG Kumbi takes camera from Nexflax and sets it back in his lap

    Everything my partner Nexflax has said is the truth, me and him will take over IWT and all we have to do his hang out in my bedroom and eat dorritos and drink MTN Dew and play Call Of Duty and post memes on the internet. We INVENTED Memes. IWT is a fucking meme. We are declaring War! We don't care what championship you will let us have first! Whether it's the tag team championships or the X Division Championship, they will all fall to the le kumbi club!

    BG Kumbi moves camera until Nexflax and BG Kumbi are in view. They both put on the Kumbi Club Meme Mask...


    We will use the power of the Kumbi Club Meme Mask to protest the crimes of IWT. I suggest anyone that is joining us in our movement to get your own Kumbi Club Meme Mask. It will give you the ultimate power to fight the evil triad. Le war has begun my memes! Le war has begun!

    BG Kumbi shuts the camera off as Nexflax and BG Kumbi stare soullessly into the camera.
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  4. OOC: Fresh tag team? Sweet.