Storyline Big Drag..Emphasis on 'big' (not the way he'd prefer~)

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  1. *You stare at your screen, waiting for Ovaldinho's pre-recorded video to start.*
    *We see a picture of what can only be Big Drag, a 'real-life' image created using state-of-the-art technology. This is to show what Big Drag could (and likely will) look like in the future.*

    *We then see Luis Ovaldinho wearing his athletic apparel, wearing a team branded sports jacket on top. He's sat in his locker room. Lord Lee is absent for this segment as he's currently letting off steam to get over the AUDACITY of Drag's promo.*

    Ovaldinho: Yep, you're looking at him. That's Big Drag, after his IWT career inevitably dwindles. As you can see, he'll become 'Bigger Drag', and I know he'd hope to spin this into something witty like "Bigger as in my penis size", but thats definitely not the case. That'll be him, singing karaoke in his local boozer, after he spends the last of his remaining cash on some fun mind-numbing 'liquid lunch'.

    *Ovaldinho shakes his head & grits his teeth*

    I just can't believe that this damn muppet masqueraded as me and proceeded to make some uninventive song.

    *Ovaldinho shudders*

    The audience at home feel insulted by his and I sympathise with them. Drag, you have the ego to suggest you must be Elvis from the 50s/60s.. but your talent...well, you might as well be Mid 70s Elvis, out of your wits and just fumbling through your lines, expecting death the same as it's expecting you.

    This is one big cover act, Fat Drag. You couldn't take a loss at 'Mania. It would finally break the heart you barely had to begin with. So, I pray for the sake of our match being competitive at all that you can perform a German suplex, or at least dodge my swift kicks a whole lot better than you can 'create music'.

    I am a LEGITIMATE ATHLETE!! I told you that when we met. I'm not phased by your walking meme antics. Bring your songs & bring your pre-rehearsed stand-up routine, see how it works when I'm pinning you 1...2...3!

    *Ovaldinho applauds himself, like an athlete does after a decisive moment in a game, and struts off camera, as the video fades to black and ends*
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