Big E taking the Neutralizer?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. Anyone else think that looked nasty? It looked like he tried to bump like it was a piledriver or something, idk. Got dumped right on his head.
  2. Dropped him on his head, yeah. Imagine the IWC if Cena/Orton/etc had done that.
  3. Horrible landing.
  4. "He dropped my man Big E right on his head he's lucky he didnt hurt and injure him I think Cesaro should be suspended or fired for dropping a superior talent on his head like that."

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  5. Big E sucks, maybe that drop on his head jostled some ability in him.
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  6. Reminded me of Styles doing the Clash on Roddy Strong. Big E could've prevented that, tbh.
  7. lol I'm not a fan either
  8. I'll let my new avatar and signature speak for themselves! Bitches!:notsure:
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  9. On a side note: Big E's tits are stupendous.
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  10. That's Roids for ya
  11. He's not called Big E Cups for nothing.
  12. Nope. He's clean.

    As for the way he took the Neutralizer, It looked like Cesaro's hands slipped during the execution. Luckily, I don't think Big E was hurt by it. Even with it being a mistake, though, Big E could have landed better than he did.

    You mark.

  13. No, he is clean. You know when individuals take 'roids. They have that 'roid-gut.
  14. I will vouch that Ryblack is all natural, don't let that stray you away from the fact he sucks though.
  15. Much better than that Sandow guy... I know that's for damn sure. (see signature for example #1)... see the belt around his waist as example #2. You're Welcome!
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  16. Meh ez to get booked to win when you're a genetic freak of nature. Means nothing when it comes to mic skill and actual in ring ability :emoji_slight_smile: WWE just doesn't care about that and thinks people want to see a Black Ryback get affirmative actioned all the way to the top.
  17. He needs to go back to this gimmick... the 5 count!
    No mic skills? haha sure
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  18. Idk that is like what people think of the stereotypical black dude who is too into sports.. "*Grunt* Football Coach, all I do is football *grunt*.. *grunt* FIVE.. Five.. *grunt*. You know? It just get's rather annoying.
    I'm sorry if you like the guy it's just this is how I think the whole thing is playing out behind the scenes with the politics of the business;
    Mark Henry (who gave his fake retirement speech during the same time Big E started to pop like crazy in NXT), is retiring sooner rather than later thus leaving a void for a big black beast of the company; BAM in comes Big E Langston, people are souring on Langston now so what do they do next? My guess is this they split up PTP so they can see how Titus get's buzzed about.. Between Big E & Titus they're going to see who get's the better reception and put them right in the spotlight for nothing more than their freak of nature bodies.
  19. That's a bit cynical. Doesn't mean it isn't true (I don't think it is), but it's definitely cynical.

    As to the contention that people are souring on Big E, I guess I'm just not getting that. He gets a pretty good reaction for a midcard/upper midcard guy who's on the doorstep of the main event scene.

  20. So... you're saying that Big E is where he is simply because he's black???? Umm.. okay I'm just going to shut up now because this just became a nonsensical conversation. Ring skills, mic skills, and physique are all valid arguments, race isn't. I'll quote Booker T before I go.... "He did not just say that!! Tell me he didn't just say that!"