Storyline Big Guy has a taste for gold

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  1. *Alkatrz is shown backstage*

    You got your tickets yet? Pre-booking your travel? That's right. You should be.

    What am I talking about?

    Why, I am talking about the night I win the European Championship of course. Yes, I am in the elimination Tournament. And yes, I will win it. Now I know my brother Danny Jacobs is also heading into this, and I am glad he is. The boy isn't dumb, he knows only one of us can hold the belt. But it doesn't matter who holds it on their shoulder, because that belt belongs to us Big Guys. Me and Danny, we are gonna tear this bitch up. Then one of us will walk out holding that championship high in the sky, and the other, holding both our drinks as we party till the end of time.

    People. Tape the show, get your tickets. It's going to be slaughter fest.

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