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  1. Big Hoss Rambler, you've never once defended your title. You think just because you had the most money from a RIGGED lottery system you're a true champion? You're nothing more than a joke! Therefore Big Hoss Rambler you have today been STRIPPED of your Million Dollar Title.
  2. He will buy it and have it back.
  3. Nah, no way is this place being corrupted again. He's a joke!
  4. WHAT!? How are you going to do this to him!? Who gives you the right to over-ride my authority and strip him? Its like I don't even know you right now! Are you power hungry? Are you trying to over-rule me!? This is totally uncalled for! Want to talk about rigged, what is up with your voting system!? I think you are heading down the wrong path and I erg you to reconsider who you make friends with in this company.
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  5. The lights dim, and the fans wait in silence, confused as a pyro blast completes the song on the titantron, similar as one's they have seen before seem to complete the picture they are missing pieces of the puzzle for. Aids walks out as the beat breaks out, and the fans unite in a 50/50 coin flip of hate mixed with the cheers and jeers inside the stadium filled with IWT fans waiting on a champion to come out. Aids is holding two titles around his shoulders, the TNA world title belf, along with a spinner title filled with jewels, a hanus excuse for a million dollar title. He enters the ring Jonathan is standing inside of, taking the mic from him.

    A champion. The people again are in need of someone to hold the crown, giving them a worthy member of the IWT to defend something that will give other wrestlers the chance to somehow attain a measure of leadership amongst each other. I am YOUR IWT CHAMPION, and NOW, Your MILLION DOLLAR CHAMPION! *Jonathan hold's AIDS hands up as winner of the new title, to a stadium filled with boo's.

    You people think i care what you think? THE IWT CORPORATION is here to reserve the right to be great, and give you someone to look up to. Aids Johnson! YOUR CHAMPION! Now twice as nice, and about to be even greater! *Jonathan goes to the corner with the million dollar title, holding it up, while Aids holds up the IWT Title in the other corner, followed by Jonathan moving to the middle, putting the Million dollar title around Aids waist.

    You people want to pretend a lowlife like Hoss had a chance against me? He was so scared, he wouldnt come to ringside even when i was away on a vacation from all of you cheering me on like the Godly figure i am (huge boo's) And now you can all thank me. Jonathan has alerted me to the fact that since i have challenged for the Tag team title, i am outside of the lines of thother IWT champion, and will be allowed the opportunity to challenge for a 3rd world title, at Extreme Rules. You are welcome, and remember i will not always be arround to carry your pathetic belt's, so soak the moment in, and give your champion the respect he deserves! Hit my music.

    Aids walks out with Jonathan, holding up his middle fingers to let the fans know he is a two time champion, and the IWT's greatest asset.
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  6. This is... I can't believe it...
    *drops mic*
    *shakes head*
  7. Two YES! options and one only NO! it's strange... Well, I'll say yes, in two months I haven't watch him fighting
  8. The man does deserve to voice his reason before you take his belt. I say we should have let Hoss give his input before you took action...
  9. Kinda hits home ay Farooq :jeritroll:
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  10. #winning :win:
  11. Bitch, get used to it. Hoss is a joke and him holding the title meant as little as it would if you were holding it. Don't get involved with things you can't finish.
  12. *Stops, turns, holds your hand up victorious and smirks*

    We're outta here.
  13. Shut the hell up!
  14. I don't give a damn what your opinion is.
  15. Did you just call me a... I am... I have no words to say. You are clearly out of order! First you strip a champion of his belt then you hand it over to Aids? AIDS!? How much did he pay you... More importantly, how far do you think this is going to get you? I brought you up in this company now you are smacking me across the face!? What happened to you!?
  16. Jonathan, stop being a fool and think reasonably. Stripping Hoss of the title is bad enough, but why don't you be fair and hold it a contest for it with other wrestlers, Aids is already a world champion, there's no logical reason for you to do this. Even Brit sees the wrong in this.
  17. Yes bitch, I did call you a bitch. What's your problem?

    I haven't handed nothing to Aids. I'm keeping it until a worthy champion comes along for it, and I'm sure he'll be along soon, won't he Aids the Jock. ?

    Who do you think you're talking to. I am thinking reasonably. Hoss is a joke so why should I be fair? I haven't gave Aids the title. I'm keeping it.
    Who even asked you for your opinion, idiot?!? Go back to your presidents!
  18. I agree with Farooq. This is out of line! You are not only stealing the belt from someone, but going against what the fans want!
  19. YOU ARE OUT OF LINE! I have to ask kindly that you get this whole situation in order. This is ridiculous!
  20. Can you guys stop bickering? If Hoss wants the title give him until the day before Extreme Rules to accept a challenge. I mean you guys did tag him