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    *With the show concluded and a new IWT Champion crowned, a camera crew catches up with Alias Antonio just before leaving the building. Alias is visibly smirking, though bandaged up after a brutal war with Spawn, he is seen on the phone with someone.*

    "Man, ahhaha, you see that?......Really now? Big, if true, buddy. Got cameras on me, see ya man. I'll be seeing you soon."

    *Alias hangs up and directs his attention towards the camera.*

    Oh, want my thoughts on what just transpired? Heh.

    Aids proved once and for all that he is, without a shadow of a doubt, soft as fucking baby shit. My god.

    That spectacle really made me forget that I'm actually the number 1 contender, huh. Would you look at that. I was gonna take what was mine regardless of winning or not. But the fact of the matter is that I annihilated the MONSTER known as Spawn. I slayed the monster guys! I fucking did it!

    *Alias indulges in his own smug self after that statement.*

    I don't know what else I have to do to show you motherfuckers that I'm not playing when I say what I say, and then go on to do what I say I will do every time I step in the ring. I'm a man of my word and I've proven that a myriad of times. Doubting my ability and dexterity is like being superstitious. You're absolutely erroneous in your chain of thought. And no, I don't know who the fuck "Danny Jacobs" is. So, in future, heed my words, especially now.

    Because Aids Johnson can get as many rematches as he wants, Michael can hamper himself with that catastrophic upset as much as he wants, put as many obstacles as you want, BOOK AIDS ON TOP FOR A 100 MORE YEARS IF YOU WANT, but when it comes down to the business, I will become IWT Champion. Heed my fucking words.

    Delaying the inevitable just makes me that much more dangerous and more willing to inflict pain and disorder upon this company, so it's recommendable to be weary of what you decide to do regarding me. I told you weeks ago The Decadence is here. The paradigm is shifting, fellas. Just need to get accustomed to it, and it will all go down much more easily.

    Have a good day now.

    *Alias smirks a bit more before finally leaving and getting into his car.*

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  2. Big, if true
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