Big update coming?

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  1. There's been some buzz coming from TNA news.. some people are talking about TNA and them possibly talking to partners that there will be a new TV deal being finished up and then when that happens contract negotiations will resume.. however that may not be the what the update that most people are expecting is..

    The Wrestling Observer reports that there were claims of negotiating with a talent who would "shock people" and a new signing that would help bring buzz to TNA but nobody knows who those talents may be

    Hmm what do you think TNA will be updating us with as far as the major announcements go that Dixie Carter says will be coming soon.
  2. Big new talents plus a new TV deal? Please.

    Although the best thing that could happen to TNA (after a TV deal) is fixing the management and creative issues. Also can't think of many signings they could make right now - Del Rio is doing Mexico isn't he? But still possible. Punk is apparently done with wrestling. John Morrison, Batista or AJ Styles? Chances are one of their big surprises will just be Kurt Angle getting a new part-time deal though.
  3. Rumor has it that TNA will annonunce the new TV deal in within the next 10 days.

    As far as the new big talent goes. I can wait for that (and no, signing someone like John Morrison won't create any new buzz about TNA, smh).
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  4. I think it's the new TV deal as well primarily.. any further whispers about who it may be? I'm thinking they nailed one out with WGN.
    I've been hearing though that there is a good chance that they are legitimately on the verge of signing a high end talent at the same time but that one is WAY more rumored then the TV deal.From what I hear Johnny Mundo (John Morrison) will be having a pretty big role in Lucha Underground, I doubt he'd even try TNA at the same time..
  5. Are there any "big time" talents out there to sign, besides Del Rio? (I only call him big time because he's a former WWE champion)

    They put "shock people" in quotes, maybe it's The Shockmaster =)
  6. Idk we'll see.. we're pretty sure it's just the TV announcement but maybe they figured out a way to bring AJ Styles back who knows!
  7. There's a lot of people who create a buzz depending on who, where and they're style.

    Could be someone from Japan, could be a big name from the Indy Scene. Honestly, if it's a signing that'll shock people, It's either a fake story or on the off chance it could be Styles or someone who wants out of the WWE.
    As for the New signing...
    I have no idea...
  8. Any updates with this?
  9. Nothing from TNA, the wrestling websites have been claiming that there's gonna be a new update since NYC.

    Sad... Time is running out, Dixie. :blackmad:
  10. Not really.

    They said on October 17th in the next 10 days, so do the math bro.
  11. So really we should see an update in the next 3 days if this report is true and TNA are coming back...

    They better keep Aries and Joe too. :aries2:
  12. CM Punk coming to TNA :aries2:

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    Probably not!
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  13. Did anything come from it?
  14. @Testify 's mom sure didnt, but I got mine
  15. It'll be a jobber
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  16. Woo woo woo?
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  17. OH HELL NO


  18. THAT MY CONTENT! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:ipebombe:
  19. * According to PWInsider, TNA is still working on ironing out their new TV deal. A source at Spike TV stated that the two sides are still talking.
  20. How long have they been ironing stuff out now? Just seems to be a cop out that they don't know what's happening imo.
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