Billy Graham Apologizes to CM Punk and Chris Jericho

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  1. Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) of theScore Television Network and Layfield Report spoke with "Superstar" Billy Graham in his first interview since overcoming double pneumonia. Below are some highlights:

    How his health is and how close he came to death.

    “I was just released from the world famous Mayo Clinic Hospital just 2 days ago actually last Thursday from the flu which turned into double pneumonia, which is fluid in each lung and then congestive heart failure. I feel very good, excellent really. I’m back painting. (Doctors) told me about another 10 more days before I can get back in the gym”

    Not actually having heat with CM Punk and Chris Jericho, and how he feels about his comments after going through his health scare:

    “I know that Chris Jericho has never really cared for me, really basically from day one, but anyway I was very shocked (by his comments), I was just trying to make a observation of how things have evolved in professional wrestling with body types. I meant no harm or disrespect to CM Punk whatsoever because he’s a hard worker and dedicated.”
  2. Good to see that's settled then.
  3. No shit between them, hopefully.

    Graham may just have a few years to live, let him be.