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  1. Character Name: Bishop

    Height/Weight: 6'1" 222 lbs

    Residence: Detroit, Michigan

    Character Base/Appearance: Meechy Darko

    In-Ring Attire: Tan khaki pants and black boots. Tan elbow pads and wrist tape

    Entrance Attire: Same as ring attire but with a black hoodie on

    Entrance Music:

    Entrance Actions: Bishop walks onto the stage slowly as he inspects all around the arena. He stands at the top of the ramp for a moment before walking down to the ring and rolling under the bottom rope. He stands up and runs back and forth bouncing off the ropes then stops in the middle and spreads his arms open with a smirk on his face.

    Wrestling Style (Brawler, Technical, High Flyer, Powerhouse, Submission, etc): Brawler

    Finishing Move (Only 1)
    FOH (Suplex into a stunner, Truth or Consequences on 2K if you want a better idea)

    Signature Move(s) (3 Max.):
    T-Bone Suplex

    Figure Four Headscissor
    Dragon Sleeper

    Dropkick to Knee
    Roundhouse Kick
    Various forearm combinations
    Gut kick
    Flying forearm/clothesline

    Leg Drop
    Body Splash
    Elbow Drop

    Belly-to-belly suplex
    Spinning Powerbomb
    German suplex
    Arm drag
    Samoan Drop

    Taunts (Optional):
    -Makes a gun with his fingers and points it at opponent (mostly before certain kicks/strikes)

    -Flips off the crowd when he's getting booed

    -Paces back and forth

    Ring Psych (Strategies/Mannerisms in ring)
    Mostly aggresive, will resort to dirty tactics if needed

    Occasionally rolls out of ring when in trouble so he can ambush his opponent (by throwing them into steps, barricade, post, etc.)