Storyline Biting Off The Gold.

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  1. Aiden Ryan is shown in the center of the ring with microphone in hand, the breakout of the year slammy is placed by his left foot.

    "You know, I have to admit. After my two on one handicap match I got my ass handed to me, and it takes a real man to admit that. I know for a fact that i'm not the biggest man on the roster but that still doesn't change the fact that i am still a man of my word. Now to the superstars backstage who wish to call me stupid, or rather in over my head look at the man i've become in comparison to those who have left in a cowardly fashion. I stand before you not only a slammy award winner, but i stand before each and every single one of you something better then i was last year. My start off may be rocky, but my lift off is yet to come... which brings me to my next matter."

    "I am sick of being bypassed by people who have not yet earned the right to hold a championship, but this isn't a direct message to the champions themselves. this is a direct message to a man who thinks for some unknown reason he can bring in a championship and outride me. Not only is it just a championship, but it is a WORLD championship. Clearly you all know who i am talking about. I get that the championship is confirmed, bravo, Michael. But it's a damn shame to the superstars who have actually worked their asses off to earn a championship, including us new generation superstars."

    The Audience begins to clap only to have Aiden Ryan interrupt with his finger.

    "Rita Kendall, Alkatrz, Brandon Pain, Rayn, Danny Jacobs, names who are new, but yet are talented. If anything we should all be the ones willing to create a championship FOR OUR division. We have created something beautiful for the older talent to look at, we've created a division that the older talent, The LEGENDS WILL be proud of. So... Here's my proposal..."

    Aiden Ryan leans against the top rope with his left arm hanging over whilst he looks up the rampway.

    "We have a new championship in IWT... I have my buddy back, Michael you have a buddy around here, right? Let's say... In a tag team match, Me and Brandon will team up against you and a partner of your choosing. Here's the catch... If my team gets the win over your team... we get to pick your opponent or opponents to face you for that FTW championship. If you guys win, Me and Brandon will not be eligible to contend for that championship for over six months... Sound fair? What do you say? I'm down, I'm sure Brandon's down. I'm sure everyone back there is down!"

    Aiden Ryan Bounces off the ropes and walks around the ring with the microphone placed infront of him, slowly circling around as the audience chants his name.

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  2. The lights dim around the arena as the crowd makes some noise not sure what to expect.

    The music hits, the titantron remains blank but once the vocals come in the name Titantron comes to life with red lighting across the arena, showing only one thing, the name 'Brandon Pain' on TV static background.

    Pain walks out in his jeans and hoodie and stands at the ramp before pulling it back with a grin across his face at the sheer adrenaline from being back and walks down to the ring grabbing a microphone on the way as he rolls into the ring and gets up standing next Aiden and gives him a nod before walking up to one of the turnbuckles and climbing it, taking a look around the arena, the grin turning into a sly smirk.

    "God Damn, it's good to be back!"
    He gets down from the turnbuckle walking to the middle of the ring.
    "I could do a whole speech but why a speech where a phrase will do - let's kick some ass"
    The mic is dropped as Pain turns his gaze to the ramp.​
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  3. Michael walks out immediately after his theme hits the PA system. He's wearing a FTW T-Shirt and grin from ear to ear. He paces on the stage before getting handed a microphone. He slowly makes his way down the ramp while he begins talking.

    Michael: Aiden, I truly do believe that you, and your backstage friends are the future. And I would glad fully give the future of the IWT and his butt buddy a shot at the FTW Title but according to the reaction from the backstage fellas, it's not welcomed for a new and innovative idea in the IWT to be introduced and executed upon, so I must decline *The crowd's boos override the PA system*. The IWT is a popularity contest best fit for politicians, and the popularity polls wouldn't fare so well for the only title that has garnered any reaction from the IWT as a whole since Bruce Knight won the IWT title a year ago. Don't blame me, I'm just doing what everyone wants, and if it isn't what you want then you should have been their with me when I was told that this title was a waste of time, and that I had no right to put this title around my waist. Then maybe I would think about putting this title in your hands. And continuing the lineage of the FTW World Championship. As a matter of fact, I would have handed it straight over to you, instead of fighting over it. But those plans changed when the guys in the back showed that this title isn't welcomed.

    Michael argues with the fans as they chant "Bull-shit!"

    Michael: But I would still love to face you and that other guy with you along side the man that owes me his life for saving it, Trip. But I would only accept such a match if something was put up as a bargain. Let's say...if The Influence wins then Aiden Ryan and Brandon Pain will never team again...why? Because if The Influence wins, Aiden Ryan, you will have to join us. If you want to leave, you will have to do so over by rotting corpse because you ain't going anywhere, anytime soon. So what do you guys say, do you want to prove that you are the ones from a New Breed and to prove your putting your worth on the line?

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  4. The titantron shows a bunch of static as the music starts

    As the guitar part hits after the drums Trip in the Head slowly walks out from behind the curtain as a spotlight illuminates him while he walks to the middle of the ramp. Again he is wearing his new mask, a long black leather trench coat with an unzipped black hoody on underneath, his bare chest exposed. As he pauses at the top of the ramp he points to the ring for a moment as the crowd pops. He makes his way to the ring slowly and methodically, never taking his eye off the others in the ring. He jumps up on the ring apron and ducks through the ropes, falling down on his knees in front of Micheal. Micheal motions for Trip to get up and he does, receiving a mic from Micheal after he removes his mask.

    Announcer: You know, we have yet to actually hear Trip in the Head speak since his return. The suspense is killing me.

    TRIP (in a deep slow voice): Aiden Ryan. Brandon Pain. You know not what levels of distress and sorrow you two have brought down upon yourselves in challenging this great man that stands beside me. Aiding him in the destruction of you both is but a fraction of what I owe him for pulling me from that fateful car wreck that night. And the misery we will inflict on you both is but a fraction of the misery I experienced that day. The misery I now experience every day when I look in the mirror.

    *Trip pauses as he brings his free hand up to caress the scars on his face and the eye patch over his left eye. He lifts his head up and points at Micheal before continuing.*

    I would do anything for this man. I would follow him through the fires of hell after what he did for me. In fact......I recently confronted an old rival of my own - Dat Kid. (A video of the recent pre-Rumble showdown is played: But this was all at the behest of Micheal. He told me I needed to pay for how I treated Dat Kid as my slave in order to move past it. To rise above it. So I gave myself to Dat Kid on a proverbial silver platter and he gladly took the bait. Dat Kid thought he was being as vicious as he could. All I felt was the overwhelming satisfaction of knowing I was making this man right here happy. So if ANYONE wants a shot at his title.......

    *Trip steps forward towards Aiden and Pain, his unwavering gaze staring them in their eyes*'ll have to get past me first.​
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