Ring of Honor BJ Whitmer update

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  1. Pwinsider.

    Poor BJ :sad:
  2. Fuck, that does not sound good.
  3. He has shit luck,hope everything is fine in the end for Whitmer.
  4. Agreed. Whitmer was the workhorse for ROH for a long long time. Shame to see him go out like this if that is the case.
  5. [​IMG]

    No...BJ no :sad:
  6. Pwinsider.

    ..... #FuckMikeBennett
  7. Terrible news.
  8. No don't Fuck Bennet,they clearly both agreed to this and they were both up for it.

    I mean Owen Hart broke SCSA's neck and he's still regared as one of the best of all time.

    We don't know the full story,maybe Bennet just lost his footing or something,mistakes happen.
  9. Any new news?
  10. Not that I have seen. He's out of the IWA Midsouth TJ Petty invitational and had to drop the AIW hardcore (or whatever it is called) belt.
  11. Damn poor guy
  12. Fucking Piledrivers.
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