Storyline Blame it on the C-C-C-C-C-C-Christian

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  1. Vignette
    We see a dark room with a little dim light shining in the middle. Christian is sitting on a chair in an agitated state fidgeting his fingers.

    Christian: Enough...

    I've had ENOUGH! Ever since IWT has been struck back to life, the talk in the corporate side was that there can only be... one champion. And once you thought you were going to have that ONE champion, ONE person had to ruin it all. The IWT Champion, Wigga Lee, thought it'd be best for him to not finish the match. And the blame will fly my way, it's always been that way. Because everyone likes to assume thing, everyone likes to point fingers, but they never want to check the facts. They actually think the reason I have such a low amount of matches in the past 2+ years is my fault! Funny, right? I've been playing the victim in IWT my entire time here and just once, I'd like to not be accused of little petty things which aren't even true. So if you're looking to point a finger at someone for not finishing the match I was involved with, blame Baara, FTJ, Britanica and Wigga Lee!

    Christian strokes through his hair and lets out a deep "relief" breath.

    Christian: The thing is... there will still be one champion. On the very first Summerslam in IWT, two of the biggest titles were on the line and merged together to create the undisputed title. The third annual Summerslam event is arriving. And Wigga Lee... I plan on seeing you there, because if you're not... say hello, to the new IWT Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion and say goodbye to your pathetic reign!

    The light goes out as the vignette ends
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  2. Actually, I believe that the Summerslam event should have a different match card going off of the last World Title match....something like...

    Chris Kaizer vs Wigga Lee.
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  3. Yuuuup we missed SummerSlam. I'm gonna try to figure out shit here in the next few days, I have Thur/Fri off and have chatted up with @Gav the Champ! - who needs to change his name - about how we can reboot and start clean while keeping the history alive.

    I'm going to make a thread first and keep it simple, Sign the fuck back up and tell me you'll be active, or don't and be left off the cards until you're ready (this goes to any/everyone) and of course a schedule of when works would be great. We are going to do 2-3 ppv's before the end of the year and RTWM begins.
  4. I'm out for the time being. I have too much stuff going on right now. If activity does actually pick up again then I might sign back up when I have free time.
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  6. It was Black Dynamite saying I can dig it.
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  7. Img was broken. Anyway sounds good.
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  9. Is my idea actually gonna be attempted? :letroll:
  10. No, i'll change whatever your idea was and nix it just because it's from you.

    Join creative and post in that bitch.
  11. Isn't nWo creative?
  12. Yuh. I'm the only post in there so far.
  13. Check again, dude.
  14. No.
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  15. Best GM Ever
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  16. I've got some tough competition. I replied and noted what I read.