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    After the announcement of his tag team partner for IWT’s first ever tag team tournament, the following video was recorded in his downtown apartment in Greensboro, North Carolina. A pair of interviewers have arrive at his front door and he greets them.

    Blitz: Good morning guys. Little early don’t you think?

    Interviewer: Eh what can you do? Michael sent us out here to interview you, he wanted to know your reaction on the announcement of the tag team tournament and your partner for the tournament, Arno Frye.

    Blitz: Sounds fine to me, come in. I didn’t catch your name.

    Marco Corino: The name is Marco Corino.

    Blitz: Cool dude. You can sit anywhere you want, need anything like a drink or something?

    Both members of the crew shake there heads, the camera man sits the camera on a tripod while Marco Corino sits on the couch. The house has a nice view of downtown Greensboro and the decor is styled in a retro style. Old movie posters cover the walls of the small apartment. Theres a small fish tank sitting behind the couch filled with a few salt water fish inside of it. Blitz comes from the kitchen, which is connected to the living room in which the camera man and Marco Corino are. Blitz is sipping on a glass of orange juice as he sits on the chair adjacent from the couch.

    Blitz: So you want my thoughts of the tag tourney?

    Marco Corino: Indeed.

    Blitz: Alright. I’m honestly honored. I have just arrived here in IWT and I already have a chance to win a title. Like wow. If I just win three matches I could be the first ever tag team champion in IWT along side Mr. Frye. Thats honestly a little overwhelming.

    Marco Corino: But how do you feel about the idea in whole? Some members of the IWT community thinks its a little rush.

    Blitz: Not really, I mean if members of the IWT roster wanted a tag division earlier they would have ask sooner. Blitz shrugs. But the idea of the tournament is genius. Just the idea of a tournament sparks the interests of many fans and wrestlers in the back. Some of the hardest hitting and most athletic wrestlers in the business will be competing in this tourney. Im honored to be competing next to these talented wrestlers.

    Marco Corino: Speaking of your co-workers, how do you feel about teaming up with Arno Frye? And how far do you think you two will go?

    Blitz: Interesting to say the least. But I do have something in common with him. I enjoy a type of art, the art of cinematography as you can see from the many movie posters I have hanging in my apartment. I plan on spending sometime with my partner soon. Do some training and just getting to know the crazy SOB. I might even visit his insane Studio 72. And I do plan on winning this tourney with Frye. Even if I have to carry him through the bracket. But I hope he can carry his own weigh and we make slight work of the competition.

    Marco Corino: He is pretty crazy. Well Mr. Blitz I think thats about all the time we have, we have other people to interview in the ever growing IWT universe. Thanks for your time.

    Blitz: No problem, I hope that you have a safe trip to where ever your going next. Please feel free to come back anytime. And Frye, if you’re watching, get in touch bud.​
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